At Taste of Molokai

A Taste of Molokai – Get Home-cooked Fare While Enjoying the Full Food Truck Experience
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you’re in the mood for homecooked Hawaiian food done right, head on over to A Taste of Molokai. At their two food trucks, fresh-made poke, kalua pig tacos, and so much more all await your arrival. Their bright aloha spirit shines through in all they do, too, ensuring you feel right at home while enjoying your meal.

- The Local Expert Team

Are you looking for a fantastic spot to grab all your home-cooked Hawaiian favorites? If so, jet on over to A Taste of Molokai to get your fill of poke, kalua pig tacos, and so much more. Every last item features the freshest local ingredients and leans on the magic of traditional recipes. So, you just know that your meal will blow you away with bright, bold flavors in every last bite.

To sample all their most popular dishes, you’ll need to seek out their food trucks set in the middle of downtown Molokai. You can usually find them near Ala Malama Avenue and Mohala Street. Just look for the picnic tables and bright red umbrellas to spot them from afar. After that, circle around to find an open parking spot along the street. Don’t forget to feed the meter to avoid getting a ticket.

Once you find a spot, follow your nose over to their two trucks. The scent of sizzling shrimp, kalua pork, and all their other fine offerings will lead you straight to where the magic happens. At their first truck, you’ll find all their poke delights while the second truck handles their hot dishes.

As you walk up to the food trucks, look for their menus, and then take your time in weighing all the options. Each menu item is as good as the last, so you really cannot go wrong no matter what you choose. That said, it’s well worth zeroing in on the best of the best, so you can satisfy all your cravings in an instant.

Upon figuring out what you want to eat and drink, hop in line at your truck of choice, and then await your chance to put in your order. Both of their lines go quickly, although their team never skimps on the aloha while interacting with their customers. In fact, they take the time to learn everyone’s name and preferences, making you feel like a part of the family in no time flat.

After putting in your order, you’re welcome to mill about until they call your name. If there are any tables open, you can grab one while you wait to ensure you have a cozy place to sit once your food comes out the order window. No seats available? Well, that’s no problem. Just meander down the road to one of the nearby parks and find a spot in the grass.

Stop by for a taste of the:

Poke Nachos
Want to take your poke experience to the next level? Get the Poke Nachos at least once. They make this dish by preparing their fresh poke in the morning and letting it marinate all day long. Then, when you order, they pile a huge scoop of poke over wonton chips before drizzling on all the sauces you could want. A scoop of rice and seaweed salad goes alongside to complete your meal.

Kalua Pig Tacos
For rich, tender decadence good enough to write home about, you need the Kalua Pig Tacos in your life. Although they go with a no-nonsense presentation, their tacos come bursting with flavor. On top of that, their portions will leave you fully satisfied by the end – and pretty much ready for a midday nap.

Hamburger Steak Plate
When nothing else will do but a true classic, treat yourself to the Hamburger Steak Plate. They prepare the hamburger steak by hand and then grill it to perfection right when you order. Once the meat hits the plate, rice goes alongside before the whole lot gets hit with a huge ladle of rich gravy.

Although you could bring your own beverage, their tasty fruit drinks are well worth the cost, for sure. If you’re in the mood for an icy cold drink, consider their Ube Milkshake or Acai Smoothie. Otherwise, their Lilikoi Boba is the way to go. To get their boba, you’ll need to go to the poke truck. Their smoothies and milkshakes are at the other truck.

Insider Tip:
Their menu changes daily, so stay open to the possibilities whenever you stop by