Sundown Deli

Sundown Deli – Where to Get Fresh, Tasty, and Nutritious Fare in Molokai
The Bottom Line:

Are you looking for fresh, tasty, and nutritious fare in Molokai? Just head on over to the Sundown Deli in Kaunakakai Town. They’re open from breakfast to lunch each day, so you always have somewhere great to go when you need to kick your day into high gear.

- The Local Expert Team

When nothing else will do but ultra-fresh, delicious, and nutritious fare, get on over to Sundown Deli. Set in Kaunakakai Town, this popular eatery has what you need to kickstart the day and keep your energy up for all your adventures. Their friendly service will brighten your day, too, making it a great place to stop by for both breakfast and lunch.

To get a taste of all their offerings, you’ll need to plan your visit for the morning to early afternoon on the weekdays. They’re a family-owned and operated affair, so they keep their hours tight to enjoy a nice work/life balance. Their tasty fare is plenty good enough to justify coming down early on the weekdays, however. They only use the freshest local ingredients, after all, and then elevate them with time-honored recipes.

No matter when you come in, you’re welcome to order off the full menu. Want a soup, salad, or sandwich for breakfast? They can do that. Prefer breakfast for lunch? They’re happy to make that happen as well. All that matters is that you’re satisfied with your selections at every visit. As you browse the menu, think of all the possibilities, but also take a moment to ask about their daily specials. They often have a special sandwich of the day on tap to keep things fresh for all their loyal patrons.

If you don’t find just what you’re craving, try your hand at making a custom sandwich. You just have to let them know what kind of bread, meat, cheese, and other toppings you want. If you’d like to add multiple meats or cheeses, just ask and they’ll abide by an extra charge.

Once you get your order, you’re welcome to grab a seat at their indoor table if it’s open. Most patrons take their food to go and hit the road in style with their tasty grub in hand. You can then snack on your selections wherever your travels take you, oftentimes ending up enjoying your meal while taking in beautiful island views.

Don’t miss out on the:

Oriental Chicken Salad
Whenever you order the Oriental Chicken Salad, expect to get a huge portion of fresh, flavorful greens with all the fixings. This dish starts with romaine lettuce topped with plenty of green onions. Over that, the chef adds shredded chicken, fried wonton strips, and sesame seeds galore. Sweet oriental dressing lands alongside to take your flavor journey to the next level.

Hot Ham and Cheese
When you want to kick off your day with a warm sandwich to remember, get the Hot Ham and Cheese. This dish features thin slices of honey ham placed in the middle of a croissant. American cheese joins the party next, right before the whole lot goes in the microwave until hot and bubbly.

Island Veggie Omelet
When you want bright, bold flavors in every last bite, set your sights on the Island Veggie Omelet any time of the day. This dish begins with two eggs, whipped and set in a frying pan. Once they’re ready for the fillings, the eggs get sweet onions, tomatoes, and cheese sprinkled over the top. Then, the chef folds the omelet over and cooks it all until fully melted and steaming hot. Buttery toast lands alongside to beautifully complete your meal.

If you’re craving sweets, just do yourself a favor and get the French Toast. It’s the closest thing they have to dessert anyway. This dish comes with four big pieces of batter-soaked toast fried golden brown plus butter and sweet maple syrup.

Insider Tips:
-Are you planning a fun island event? If so, just call their team to learn about their catering services.
-Although you can pay with your debit card, they do not offer cash back.
-In a hurry? You can give them a call ahead of your visit to put in your order. Just let them know when you plan to come on down, and they’ll have your items waiting for you at the front counter.