Molokai Pizza Cafe

Molokai Pizza Cafe - Pan Pizza & Pan Pasta
The Bottom Line:

Molokai Pizza Cafe does pizza the right way. The pies are made with fresh dough, fresh sauce, and house-blended cheeses. This is the best pizza in town considering it’s the only option, but it could be the best in any number of towns and small cities.

- The Local Expert Team

Molokai Pizza Cafe has the best pizza in town, considering it’s the only option. It’d have some of the best pies in plenty of other towns and cities, though.

All of the pies at Molokai Pizza are made using fresh (not frozen) dough, fresh sauce, and house-blended cheese. The toppings are fresh too, and there are plenty to choose from. Go with standards such as pepperoni, meats, veggies, or simple cheese. The Hawaiian, with pineapple and ham, is an obvious choice if everyone can’t agree on the same thing.

The pizzas are all pan-pizza size, which equates to a meal for one or two. If everyone can’t decide on the toppings, order each their own pizza and plan on leftovers.

Complementing the pizzas are a variety of linguini pasta with different sauces (seven total), and a number of burgers. Burger choices include all of the standards, plus a Pizza Burger and a Paniolo Burger that’s topped with house-made chili. You can also get one of the four dinners if you’re extra hungry, or one of the four sandwiches for a lighter meal.

The drinks here are especially tasty. A fresh-made lemonade or iced tea will quench thirst while eating a pizza, and a milkshake makes for a great after-pizza (or with-burger) dessert. You can also get soft-serve ice cream for dessert if you aren’t feeling up for a full milkshake.

There’s lots of great food in Hawaii, but sometimes you get a craving for pizza. If you do while passing through Kaunakakai, stop at Molokai Pizza Cafe at the main intersection. It’s some of the best you’ll find this far from New York or Chicago and happens to be just a short walk from the water.

A few of our favorite menu items at Molokai Pizza Cafe include:

Hawaiian Pizza
When in Hawaii, eat as the Hawaiians do. Pineapple and ham are the classic island topping for pizza pies.

Supreme Pizza
Can’t decide what toppings to get? Get them all with the Supreme Pizza.

If swimming in the wind has you slightly chilled, the chili will warm you quickly. It’s delicious too, being house-made. The bowl is perfect, but there’s also a Chili Burger if you want meat on meat.

Simple yet refreshing on hot days. Fresh-squeezed lemons, sugar, and water quench thirst.

Mango Milkshake
Few places in Molokai serve ice cream. The milkshakes here are all good, but mango is a flavor you’ll rarely see on ice cream menus.

Insider Tips:
-The pizza place is just a couple of blocks from the town’s park and waterfront. Get your order to go, and head down to the harbor.
-The burgers here are good, but the ones immediately next door are great. If someone in the party is craving a burger instead of pizza, order to-go at the two different places. Then, take your meals down to the harbor so you can eat together.