Maka’s Korner

Maka's Korner – Serving Up Home-cooked Hawaiian Favorites in Smile-Worthy Portions
The Bottom Line:

Looking for tasty homecooked Hawaiian fare served in big portions? Come check out Maka’s Korner. A true Molokai favorite, this eatery goes all out to serve just what you’re craving while rolling out the aloha for all.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want home-cooked Hawaiian food, Maka’s Korner is definitely the place to go in Molokai. All their food comes out of the kitchen in huge portions and bursts with delicious flavor. Although that’s a good enough reason to stop by all on its own, their bright aloha spirit makes it worth the trip as well.

As you walk up to their little eatery on the corner, you’ll likely find at least a couple of their outdoor tables filled with happy patrons. They’re a true local favorite, after all, thanks to their reputation for serving up flavorful comfort food on the double. You might also find a line as you walk inside, but that just gives you time to browse the menu.

On their menu, they have all the classics plus imaginative fare all of their own creation, making it easy to satisfy your cravings. Their menu stays fairly static month after month, too, although they’re prone to running out of certain ingredients on occasion. Such is life on this quiet island, so keep your mind open to the flavor possibilities whenever you want to visit.

Once you make it up to the counter, their staff will offer a hearty hello and happily take your order. You can then chill nearby to watch the magic happen in the kitchen. They work hard to get every item made to your satisfaction while still breezing through the process to minimize your wait. As soon as your order is ready, they’ll bring it out to the front counter and wish you all the best.

If you’d like to eat onsite, they have a few tables inside and more around the corner from their front door. Their outdoor seating has umbrellas set up to protect you from the sun, making it a great place to kick back and relax for a bit. As you dine, the wild chickens and roosters often strut about and put on a good show for all the onlookers. Just be sure to watch your food carefully because they’ll also hop up on the table and take a bite if you give them the chance.

You’ll want to sample the:

Fried Saimin
When you want all the flavors of saimin but prefer to skip the broth, set your sights on the Fried Saimin. They make this dish by frying up fresh veggies before adding the noodles to the mix. Although that’s plenty good all by itself, you can also add Shrimp Tempura, Teriyaki, Shumai, or Egg for an extra charge.

Loco Burger
The Loco Burger takes a true classic to the next level, ensuring you get all your favorite flavors in every bite. To create this dish, they hand shape the beef patty, grill it to perfection, and put it on the bun. Then, they add mushroom gravy and an egg before slapping the top bun over it all. French fries come alongside to complete your meal.   

Teriyaki Chix
When you want to keep it simple yet 100% filling, get the Teriyaki Chix, for sure. To create this dish, they grill up chicken thighs marinated in teriyaki sauce. Once those are done, they plate them up with a big scoop of white rice and macaroni salad to bring it all together.

When it comes to dessert, their pancakes are the closest thing they have on the menu. Barring that, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with an icy cold soda of your choosing. They offer refills, but each one is an extra charge. Want water instead? They have a small charge for that as well.

Insider Tips:
-Ask about their daily specials before ordering to avoid missing out on the newest items to hit center stage.
-Expect to pay an extra fee when using a credit card as your payment of choice.
-Never feed the wild chickens. If you do, you’re just inviting them to stick around and bully you for another bite.
-Menus found online for this restaurant often do not have the right price.