Hiro’s Ohana Grill

Hiro's Ohana Grill: Amazing Food, Amazing Waterfront Restaurant
The Bottom Line:

If you are in Molokai and craving an amazing dining experience, Hiro’s Ohana Grill located in the Hotel Molokai is a Hawaiian memory to savor for a lifetime. The out-of-the-ordinary menu is a divine blend of classic Hawaiian-inspired fare served fresh from the land and the sea. Located literally steps away from the ocean, take in the fabulous tropical ocean breezes and breathtaking views. The Ohana translates as "family" in Hawaiian, and this spirit is apparent in everything here.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you are in Molokai and craving an amazing meal right by the ocean, Hiro’s Ohana Grill located in the Hotel Molokai is a Hawaiian experience to savor for a lifetime. Everything about this family-owned hot spot is remarkable. Located literally steps away from the ocean, you’ll take in the fabulous tropical ocean breezes and breathtaking views. You’ll immediately feel like family here. After all, Ohana translates as “family” in Hawaiian, a term the three brothers who own Hiro’s Ohana Grill live by. This Ohana spirit is apparent in everything from the location, the ambiance, the food, and the superb hospitality. It all works so wonderfully together, it will simply make you smile and look forward to more.

You’ll see firsthand why Trip Advisor rated Hiro’s Ohana Grill the number one best place for dinner in Molokai. Hawaii Magazine also rated this special restaurant Best of the Best. First, the restaurant is located inside a resort paradise that is right on beautiful Kamiloloa Beach. Locals refer to their off-the-beaten-path home as the birthplace of the Hula and referred to it as “Friendly Isle.” You’ll agree that the locals live up to their friendly, welcoming reputation. If you are fortunate enough to visit when the hula dancers perform, you are in for a treat. It’s delightful, heartwarming, and celebrates the Islands’ long-lasting tradition of Aloha. This is the perfect photo opportunity! 

The out-of-the-ordinary menu is a divine blend of classic Hawaiian-inspired fare served fresh from the land and the sea. Every dish has a special twist. Chef Woody Niro is an award-winning culinary artist dedicated to the highest quality and flavors. Every ingredient is carefully sourced from the island and only the freshest finds make the cut. And it shows in the flavor combination and the outstanding presentation. Chef understands that you are here for more than a meal. You are here for an extraordinary experience. What is on the menu depends on when you arrive. Breakfast on Sundays and special hours for lunch and dinner. 

That said, take a look at the following breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes that locals love:

Hiro’s Pulled Pork Loco Moco
This version of loco moco is smoked, pulled pork, brown gravy, steamed rice, and two eggs. It might not be your typical breakfast, but it’s definitely made to power you through even the most active days in Maui. Choose your eggs however you like, and get pumped for whatever’s on your itinerary.

Kalbi Ribs
Tender, boneless short ribs marinated in a Korean blend of soy sauce, sugar, garlic, and sesame oil

Fresh Catch of the Day 
Because you really can’t go wrong on this island, we highly recommend trying the fresh catch. At Ohana, you can get this dish as pasta, in a creamy caper and garlic sauce (served with garlic bread). Or you can get it as a dinner with steamed vegetables and either white rice or potatoes. 

Furikake Tempura Mahi-Mahi
Filets of Mahi Mahi dipped in a tempura batter with Furikake (dried seaweed flakes) and fried until crispy. Served with house-made caper tartar sauce

Garlic Fried Chicken
Boneless chunks of deep-fried crispy chicken, and dipped into a sweet and savory garlic soy sauce

Hiro’s Saimin Delux
A generous portion of Saimin steeped in a shrimp sock then garnished with steamed pork shrimp won ton, sliced cha Siu Pork fishcake, strips of eggs, green onion, and teriyaki beef skewers.

Poke Special 
The poke special is served your way: Shoyu, Spicy, Firecracker, or Hawaiian. Shoyu is the Japanese term for soy sauce, and a delicious way to enjoy your tuna, but you might want to kick it up a notch by choosing one of the middle options. The Hawaiian style is minimalist, but the Ohana Grill uses just enough sauces to really bring out the beauty of the poke. 

Ask about the Fresh Catch of the Day. It is always amazing and served on a bed of creamy caper garlic sauce and tossed with perfectly cooked linguini. Use the garlic bread as the perfect utensil for scooping up every single drop of his magical sauce. We can’t express how fresh everything is here and expertly prepared and combined with the perfect recipes creating mouthwatering, dishes. Even the burgers are elevated. For example, both the Angus and the Mahi Mahi burgers are served on a toasted Brioche bun and served with sweet potato fries. 

Complement your meal with a sweet dessert or specialty cocktail. There’s always time to relax and enjoy the ocean view. 

Insider Tips:
-Hiro’s Ohana Grill only serves Breakfast on Sunday.
-The live music and hula dancer entertainment schedule is listed on their website, hirosohanagrill.com.
-Enjoy plenty of free parking in their private lot. Sign up for emails and receive exclusive specials and information.
-Ohana’s is known for seafood, but there are other options available (including vegetarian).