Molokai Burger

Molokai Burger - Burger Joint With Breakfast
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Molokai Burger is a classic burger joint, serving delicious patties quickly. Top the patty off with your favorite fixin’s, and get some of the huge waffle fries on the side. There’s breakfast if you come before it’s lunchtime.

- The Local Expert Team

Molokai Burger is Kaunakakai’s classic burger joint. Quick service, juicy patties, and waffle fries make this a great place for lunch or dinner. There are breakfast options if you come earlier in the day, too.

The burgers at Molokai Burger actually play second-fiddle to the waffle fries. Expertly seasoned, freshly fried, and as large as your hand, the fries are a must-have. You’ll find them listed as a side, but consider them your main course. The burger can be your side.

With regard to the burgers, plump and juicy patties can be topped with the standards. Cheese, bacon, mushrooms, onion rings, barbecue sauce, and more are all available. It’s not the variety that makes these burgers great, but simply good fixin’s on a juicy burger that’s made well. There’s a reason burger joints remain classic.

If you’re not in the mood for beef, fried chicken and (mostly meat-based) sandwiches are also available. Drink options run the standard gamut of soda fountain choices, and a small selection of desserts is available.

Should you come earlier in the day, breakfast options focus on sandwiches and eggs. Pancakes and French toast are listed on the menu, but you’ll only find them mentioned once each. The coffee is basic diner coffee, but among the best in town considering your options.

Conveniently located on the main drag of Kaunakakai, Molokai Burger is easy to get to. It’d be worth driving out of the way for when you want a burger. It’s doubly worth stopping at for lunch given its prime location.

A few of our favorite menu items at Molokai Burger are:

Waffle Fries
The Waffle Fries are the size of a Belgian waffle and will cover your entire hand. They’d almost be worth playing frisbee with — if they didn’t taste so darn good. 

Mushroom Swiss Burger
It’s not everyone’s favorite, but the Mushroom Swiss burger here tastes particularly good. Don’t be lured by other toppings if you’re a fan (like us).

Double Molokai Burger
Feeling extra hungry from the day’s festivities? Double the size of the house burger, which comes with plenty on it. (Or under it, as the cooks often put burgers on top of the fixings here.)

Shrimp Burger
Seafood in a “special” way. Shrimp topped with burger fixin’s are surprisingly good. Put them between a crispy bun and pull the tails off, and you’ll wonder why other joints don’t switch out the beef with the crustaceans.

Mo Spam W/ Egg
Get your breakfast sandwich Hawaiian style. The islanders eat more spam per capita than any other state. Sub out your standard bacon or sausage with the canned meat.

Insider Tips:
-Vegetarian dishes are scarce here, but there’s a pizza joint right next door. If someone doesn’t want meat, send them over for a veggie slice. You can find seating somewhere outside to eat altogether.
-The park and harbor are just about a block away. Rather than eating in what’s essentially a strip mall, get your order to go. You’ll find several nice places to sit outdoors when the weather is good.