Manae Goods & Grindz

Manae Goods & Grindz - Good Food & Convenience Store Essentials
The Bottom Line:

Manae Goods & Grindz is the only stop on East Molokai with convenience store essentials. Even if you don’t need ice or ketchup, it’s still worth stopping at for lunch. The counter service is quick, and the food tastes excellent.

- The Local Expert Team

Manae Goods & Grindz is the only place on Molokai’s east side that has basic convenience store essentials. Even if you don’t need essentials, though, the store cafe is well worth stopping at for lunch.

The food choices at Manae Goods & Grindz are heavy on meat options, but the staff sure knows how to cook their meats. The Chicken Katsu is many people’s favorite. Other beef, chicken, and pork options come smothered in a variety of sauces.

If the “fresh fish” sign is posted outside — and it often is — skip the meats for some mahi-mahi. The standard plate comes with tartar, rice, and a side. For a surf and turf variation, get the Bento box.

Vegetarian dishes are scarce on the menu, but an acai bowl and various smoothies make for good lighter meals. The smoothies are, of course, easy to drink as you drive along.

Breakfast is also available, with a few standard options such as eggs, breakfast sandwiches (on hamburger buns), pancakes, and French toast. Unless you’re stopping early in the morning, though, go for one of the more lunch options instead.

The service here is no-frills yet prompt, which is exactly what you’d want at a roadside store cafe. Order at the counter, get your food in a to-go box and enjoy. Eat here if you want ice cream for dessert, or just head out to see some of the island’s prettier sights.

A few of our favorite menu options include:

Chicken Katsu
Breaded chicken from East Asia. It’s an island classic that comes perfectly seasoned and expertly cooked. It’s also fairly quick to prepare and fill — the perfect quick meal for midday.

Shrimp Tempura
Plump shrimp deep fried so that they’re even fatter. Dip in the sauce for extra flavor, and get the mac ‘n cheese as your side. Something this good can’t have calories, right?

When the sign for fresh fish is out, stop whether you’re hungry or not. It’s probably mahi-mahi, and definitely from the nearby waters. Fresh and fried is the way fish should be.

Samin Soup
Samin is a traditional Hawaiian soup made with egg noodles and dashi broth, which is the same broth as is used in miso soup. Like much Hawaiian cuisine, the soup originally came from East Asia. Taste both culture and history as you try a bowl.

Bento Box
When you can’t decide on just one thing, the Bento Box comes with nearly everything. Fish, chicken, and pork or beef (you do have to decide that one), along with an egg roll and rice. There’s a reason why these boxes have become so popular.

People only pass by here when they’re headed elsewhere on the island — there are much more beautiful sights. Get a smoothie for a light meal replacement that you can drink as you drive.

Insider Tip:
There aren’t many places to eat here, and most seating is close to the road. Take your order across the street to the public beach. The food comes in a take-out container, after all.