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Lanai Cheap Jeeps – Streamline Your Lanai Explorations with a Capable 4x4 Vehicle
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4.5 / 5
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Want to explore Lanai to the fullest? If so, you definitely need Lanai Cheap Jeeps on your side. By piloting their capable 4x4 vehicles, you’ll get to see all the best sights around while riding in style mile after mile.

- The Local Expert Team

If you want to explore all the best spots on the island, you need to equip yourself with a capable 4×4 vehicle from Lanai Cheap Jeeps. Set right in the center of town, this car rental agency makes it easy to get set up for the adventures of a lifetime. You just have to choose between their two vehicle models, and then start planning out all your explorations with their help. Their streamlined pick-up and drop-off process won’t eat into your day either, making it well worth the stop to get equipped with a vehicle made for island fun.

To ensure they have your vehicle of choice ready to go when you get there, you’ll want to call ahead to make your reservations. You’ll then get a check-in text on the day before your arrival to confirm your booking. When you call, you must decide between their four-door Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator models – and let them know how many days you’d like to keep the vehicle on hand. Their prices are set by the day to simplify the budgeting process, but they don’t offer any deals for multi-day rentals.

Right before your set island arrival time, their team will reach out again to see how you want to handle the pickup process. If you have transportation to their site, you can just arrive at their car rental agency directly. If not, just call one of their transportation partners for a ride to their agency. By going that route, you’ll usually get the full VIP treatment with a tour around town to help you get oriented to the island.

Upon arriving at the car rental agency, their team will jump at the chance to help you learn about the must-see spots on Lanai and which restaurants to visit for your favorite foods. So, just ask for recommendations if you’re not sure where to go first. They also offer free maps that will help you navigate down the paved and graded dirt roads at your leisure. Just be sure not to go on the sand, drive through mud puddles, or try to travel off-road since you’re likely to get stuck.

If you break the rules and anything goes awry, you’ll be on the hook for the $500+ tow-out bill. Staying on the allowed roads also helps protect the island vegetation and wildlife – and that’s always a good idea. As long as you abide by their restrictions, you shouldn’t have any troubles during your travels. Their 4×4 vehicles have automatic transmissions, which makes them simple to pilot around the island.

The rental agency team is always available if you do run into problems, however, so keep their phone number on hand throughout your trip. They make aloha hospitality a top priority to give their clients the best travel experiences every time. Even if you break the rules, they’ll lend a hand to get you out of trouble, although you’ll still be on the hook for the expenses.

On the last day of your rental period, bring the vehicle to the drop-off point by 6 pm. Make sure to fill up its fuel tank first to avoid getting charged an extra fee. Use the gas station on Lanai Avenue and 11th Street, and then take it right to the indicated parking area to keep the tank full.

Insider Tips:
-You must be over 25 years old to rent their vehicles. Bring your valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and your preferred payment method.
-The trip to town takes about 30 minutes, so be sure to use the restrooms across from the ferry landing before leaving the harbor.
-Pets are not allowed to ride in the vehicles with you. They do not allow smoking in their Jeeps or trucks either.

Watch out for the fallen thorns under Keawe trees. They can puncture tires if you drive over them.