Coffee Works

Coffee Works - Go for the Coffee, Stay for the Community Vibes
Local Expert's Rating:
5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Coffee Works is a neighborly coffee shop located in the heart of Lanai City. Go at least once for the ambiance but don't be surprised if you quickly find yourself becoming a regular for however long or short your stay on Lanai is. 

- The Local Expert Team

Coffee Works may be the only coffee shop in the central district of Lanai City, but it’s also the only one the city needs. This is an incredibly popular local’s hangout spot and an ideal place to go when you got a hankering for a fresh cup of coffee.

In fact, there are few places you can get fresher coffee than at a Hawaiian coffee shop like Lanai’s Coffee Works. That’s because Hawaii is the only state in the United States to commercially grow coffee beans and hence, there is no other place in the country you can get more freshly ground and made coffee than in Hawaii. And Coffee Works is an excellent spot to go to grab your favorite espresso drink. 

You will find Coffee Works in the central blocks of Lanai City, just one block away from Dole Park. The interior and exterior give off a Northern California style. On the outside, you will find an outdoor umbrella-covered wooden deck that overlooks the throughway and lush landscapes. Meanwhile, the interior has that rustic neighborhood feel with bookshelves, mismatched furniture, and cabinetry lined with baked goods. 

Locals are friendly everywhere, but they seem to be exceptionally friendly at this morning hangout spot. Don’t be surprised to be greeted with a hearty good morning aloha whenever you walk up the deck steps of Coffee Works. In fact, this neighborliness is a big part of the charm and why many visitors make it their “regular” spot during however long they are on the island. 

Of course, neighborliness is only one part of the charm at Coffee Works. A great part of the charm, but not the only part. Just as importantly, Coffee Works boasts an outstanding coffee and food menu. All the coffee drinks, the espresso and freshly brewed coffee are served from Hawaiian-sourced coffee beans. 

In addition to their array of coffee drinks, Coffee Works also boasts a solid cafe menu. You’ll find items written out on a large board near the counter (food is ordered deli counter-style) as well as on small take-out menus. The costs for food and drinks at Coffee Works are on par with the prices you’d expect on Maui. 

Popular menu items at Coffee Works include:

Bagel & Lox 
Always a classic. Opt for everything bagel toasted and topped with either plain cream cheese or pest cream cheese, onions, locally-ground tomatoes, and capers. You can’t go wrong with this one.

If you’re in need of something really filling, opt for this big breakfast dish. You’ll get three eggs served with a side of protein. Bacon, ham, Portuguese sausage, or the local favorite, spam, are all available. 

Lopa Basket 
This dish is ideal for take-out. As its name suggests, it is a backset loaded up with deep-fried chicken with Onigiri. Grab it to go on your trip to one of Lanai’s beaches or hiking spots. 

Insider Tips:
-Hours here can change depending upon the season and the weather. So don’t expect posted hours to be the honest hours. Call ahead if you think you might risk missing them. 
-They also sell their coffee. So be sure to ask for a bag of beans to go if you find a coffee flavor you really fall in love with.