Nobu Lanai

Nobu Lanai – Enjoy Hawaiian Japanese Fusion Fare by the Oceanside in Lanai
The Bottom Line:

Are you craving fine dining fare made using fresh Hawaiian ingredients and imaginative Japanese recipes? If so, just jet on over to Nobu Lanai for a bite to eat – and the drinks to match. Incredible views, friendly service, and an upscale dining experience all await your arrival as well.

- The Local Expert Team

A Four Seasons production, Nobu Lanai serves as the place to go when Japanese-Hawaiian fusion fare calls your name. Perfectly prepared sushi, wagyu, and everything in between awaits, allowing you to savor all the rich flavors while enjoying oceanside views. At this popular island restaurant, their warm aloha hospitality remains at the center of all they do to ensure you have a wonderful time on every visit.

Unless you want to get potentially turned away at the door, you absolutely must book your table ahead of time. You can do that quite easily by giving them a call or using the online booking system on their website. Even with a reservation, it’s not uncommon to have a 20-minute or longer wait upon arrival. Their restaurant simply stays far too busy for their staff to handle, especially during the height of the tourist season.

Fortunately, they are well worth the wait, especially if you select the teppanyaki or omakase tasting experience. With the teppanyaki experience, you’ll crowd around the grill while your personal chef handcrafts each dish while you watch. The omakase tasting, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy a wide array of sushi creations selected and hand-prepared by the chef. You’re also welcome to order off their regular menu if you prefer to keep it lowkey.

No matter what dining experience you choose, expect to sample some of the finest Hawaiian Japanese fusion fares around. The chefs only use high-quality Hawaiian ingredients and time-honored Japanese recipes to create each dish. And the results are amazing. Every last item comes out of the kitchen ready to delight your tastebuds from the first bite through to the very last.

You’ll want to take a moment to admire the plating expertise before digging in though because every dish comes out of the kitchen looking like a true work of art. If you feel so inclined, you can even snap a few photos of your plates to share with your friends and family, leaving them drooling over your island dining experience.

Don’t forget to get a few pictures of the gorgeous oceanside view as well. The palm trees beautifully frame the brilliant blue water beyond while accenting the vivid skyline, especially at sunset. If you capture the scene just right, you’ll catch the glistening waterfall pool in the foreground while letting the point serve as the perfect backdrop for your photo.

Their most scrumptious items include:

Lobster Ceviche
If you want to kick off your meal in style, treat yourself to the Lobster Ceviche, for sure. This tasty appetizer begins with ultra-fresh lobster cured in fresh citrus juice. From there, the chef adds in all the delicious fixings and then serves it on fresh butter lettuce.

Black Cod with Miso
A true classic through and through, the Black Cod with Miso never fails to delight with its rich, buttery flavors. The expertly prepared cod instantly takes center stage with its juicy, flakey deliciousness. The miso flavors take the dish to the next level, ensuring that your meal turns out good enough to write home about.

Japanese A5 Wagyu
Do you want to bite into a tender, decadent steak to remember? Just go with the Japanese A5 Wagyu. Sold by the ounce – and with a two-ounce minimum, this steak is a true dining experience that you must try at least once. You just have to let them know how much you want and how to cook it: tataki, lava rock, or steak style.  

Since it’s an open-air restaurant, it gets plenty warm during the summer months. You’re welcome to cool down with icy cold drinks, however, making them taste even more refreshing than they would otherwise. They have a full bar for your pure enjoyment plus non-alcoholic drinks if you prefer. Just ask your server what’s on special before ordering to avoid missing out on any limited-time cocktails, brews, or wine varieties.

Insider Tip:
Don’t be afraid to ask for a different table if you’re not happy with their selection for you.