The Break

The Break - Good Drinks & Light Fare
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Catch an early morning caffeine buzz or fuel up throughout the day. Coffees and pastries at dawn, then nightcaps and desserts at dusk. There’s always an appropriate beverage and small plate ready for when you need a break.

- The Local Expert Team

The Break serves delicious drinks and tasty meals all day, from before dawn until after dusk. Come in the morning to fuel up, and return in the evening to wind down.

The beverages and foods at The Break are aptly suited to whatever time of day you visit. Mornings start off with Hawaiian Kona coffee and pastries, and the evenings end with nightcaps and desserts. In the hours between, the menu transitions smoothly to salads, sandwiches, shared plates, beer, and wine. Make sure you also get gelato if you come during lunchtime or after.

While the foods change throughout the day, you’ll find something fresh, tasty, and healthy at any time. Pastries and other breakfast items give way to dishes like acai bowls, poke, and Hawaiian flatbreads. Whether you’re a vegetarian or prefer to avoid vegetables altogether, there’s a variety of suitable choices available.

Even with an all-day offering of good drinks and dishes, the coffee menu at The Break continues to be a highlight. Baristas are familiar with a literal world of coffees, offering Cubano from Cuba (espresso and sugar), Americanos ironically from Italy (espresso and water), Cafe Au Lait from France (coffee and steamed milk), Flat White from Australia/New Zealand (espresso over steamed milk) and Lungo from Australia (expresso with long extraction). Just ask if you don’t know what something is, and the baristas can explain both the drink’s composition and its international history.

A few of our favorite menu items at The Break are:

House Brew
Skip the cold brew if you want to tase Hawaiian coffee in its fullness, for colder brew temperatures dull and muddle fine flavors in any coffee. Instead, get the 100% Hawaiian House Brew that’s made with hot water, which extracts all of those sought-after island coffee aromas and flavors.

Delay your morning espresso until lunchtime so you can get it affogato — or just get a second cup in the afternoon. Pouring espresso over house gelato creates a smooth, rich, and creamy treat that’ll have you wanting more.

Homemade Gelato
If you’re coming too late in the day for espresso, get the housemade gelato on its own. The two-scoop helping isn’t enough to share (you can tell a significant other we said so).

Hamakua Mushroom
You’ve never had a mushroom pizza like this before. Brie, gouda, and shaved parmesan aren’t like the standard mozzarella — nor are authentic black truffles anything like button mushrooms that other places use.

A real island drink. Hawaiian rum and green chartreuse flavored with lime, pineapple, mint, and Angostura bitters. Light and refreshing, while also quite strong.

All of this is served in an open-air setting that’s perfect for taking a break. When you have a few minutes, come to The Break for a meal that’s not too large and is absolutely delicious.

Insider Tip:
The views match the quality of everything else here. Find a seat near the window, so you can admire the view and enjoy a meal.