Ganotisi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine

Ganotisi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine - Take-Out International Cuisine
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5.0 / 5
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Ganotisi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine serves international dishes from around the Pacific Ocean. Although the eatery is take-out only, dishes are served nearby a park that’s the perfect place to eat these dishes. Come for lunch, dinner or dessert, and expand your knowledge of cultural foods.

- The Local Expert Team

Ganotisi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine serves a variety of international dishes from around the Pacific Rim. Authentic meals and a fun outdoor atmosphere make this a great place to go when it’s open.

The menu at Ganotisi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine is constantly rotating, and you’ll likely find new international dishes each time you dine. Kalbi Short Ribs, Korean Chicken, Sensei Farms Green Salad, and Halo Halo Ice Cream (Korean mixed ice cream) are a sampling of the items you might be able to order. Complementing these is a list of faithful standbys, which mainly consist of burgers and dogs.

All of this is served take-out only, but you’ll find no shortage of places to eat when the weather is good. A nearby park offers a pleasant setting for dining while watching nature, people, and the local scenery. There are plenty of tables and benches in the park.

Before you dine at Ganotisi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine, make sure to confirm that the eatery is open. Hours are ever-changing and irregular, but you’ll find a Facebook post each day that they’ll be serving.

A few of our favorite menu items at Ganotisi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine include:

Kalbi Short Ribs
Korean-style barbecue ribs have a unique soy-based sauce that’s sweet and salty. The ribs are perfectly grilled after marinating for hours, giving them a crispy exterior and juicy, flavorful interior.

Sensei Farms Green Salad
Made from locally sourced veggies, the Sensi Farm Green Salad is especially flaky as to when it’s available. If it’s on the day’s men, though, the Lanai mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cukes, artichokes, carrots and feta cheese are fresh and delicious. Add some crispy chicken or shrimp to make the bowl more filling.

Meat Jun
The day’s meat battered with egg and flour, these patties of meat get pan-fried until crispy. Like a little mini potpie without the vegetables, there’s a good reason why the patties are such popular street food. They’re particularly easy to eat while walking (if you don’t want to sit in the park).

Banana Limpia a la Mode
A dessert takes on the spring or egg roll, Banana Limpia fills the wrapper with sweet bananas or plantains. The whole thing gets deep-fried to make a thick, tasty French fry that’s served the proper French way — a la mode.

Halo Halo with Ube Ice Cream
An ice cream sundae like you’ve never had (unless you’ve lived in Southeast Asia). Ube ice cream is made with the standard cream, sugar, etc. — and purple yams. The yams give it a distinctive, slightly earthy taste. This is served atop a Filipino-style array of goodies, which include coconut, agar (vegan gell), pinipig rice, beans, taro, fruit preserves, flan. The mixture might sound weird, but it’s a surprisingly good and filling combination.

Prices at Ganotisi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine are affordable compared to many other places on the island, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper place where the whole family can get good food. Bring everyone here when the sky is fully blue, and everyone will let everyone try something unique. Of course, there are those burgers for kids who might not be adventurous with their meals.

Insider Tip:
Ganotisi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine is a popular local gem, and all orders are prepared fresh. The result is that waits can be up to an hour during peak times. Come early so you don’t have to stand in line as long.