Richard’s Market

Richard's Market - Grocery Store and Convenient Stop with Aloha Flair
The Bottom Line:

A local grocer with a big personality, stop by Richard's Market for everything from pantry staples to specialty beer and wine for your picnic on the beach. You'll also find a smattering of souvenirs and giftable items here, from colorful Hydro flasks to Aloha shirts. This beautiful market is like Hawaii's version of a Whole Foods Market: higher price tags, typically higher quality food, and Hawaiian personality. 

- The Local Expert Team

When you’re on vacation, sometimes you just need a local market–a go-to stop for forgotten toothbrushes, body wash, postcards, bottled water, and snacks. Always snacks. The perfect market for all these purposes can be tough to find, but not if you’re in Lanai! Richard’s Market seems to have it all–and they do it with style, class, and plenty of aloha spirit. 

Located in the heart of Lanai City just across from Dole Park, Richard’s Market is tough to miss. The yellow facade and cheerful green letters stand out, even in the bright tropical surroundings. Richard’s is within easy walking access of most of Lanai City, and it’s on the way to practically everywhere–so it’s a no-brainer if you’re out of something or just need to pop into a local grocer while you’re on the island. 

Richard’s Market has all the grocery store staples you’d expect, but you definitely shouldn’t miss these favorites… 

The poke bowls
Hawaii’s poke bowls are famous for good reason, and Richard’s knows what they’re doing when they whip up their version of this savory, fishy concoction (essentially seasoned raw fish).

Local wine and beers
Try out a new brew from Maui Brewing Company or another local favorite; Richard’s has an impressive selection of local favorites, as well as a tantalizing array of gourmet wines. 

Fresh tropical fruit
You might not have many opportunities to try fresh, local lychee, dragonfruit, or rambutan in your lifetime; now’s your chance! 

Deli items
From smoked ahi dip to grab-and-go meals, the deli at Richard’s leaves little to be desired. Expect prompt service and delicious, fresh foods every time. 

When you step in the door, expect a clean, well-maintained storefront with Whole Foods vibes: gift-type items carefully arranged, fruit beautifully arrayed for maximum aesthetic impact, and a relaxed, somewhat upscale atmosphere–for a grocery store. If you’re coming from the mainland, the prices on the shelves might make you blink a few times–but living in paradise has its price. The price tags at Richard’s Market are on par with Hawaii’s version of a high-end grocer in the mainland U.S. 

Whether you’re dropping in to grab a few breakfast staples, looking for a postcard or quick souvenir for a family member back home, or stocking up on other essentials during your island-hopping adventure, Richard’s Market is a natural place to visit. You might find yourself wishing you had the local equivalent in your own hometown.  

Insider Tips:
-Still in the market for souvenirs/gifts after your stop at Richard’s Market? Try the Lanai Hula Hut just around the corner before you leave town. 
-Dole Park, right across the street from Richard’s Market, offers the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy your grab-n-go lunch in peace. It also provides plenty of green space for kids to run off a bit of energy if you have some younger vacationers in your group!