Sensei by Nobu

Sensei by Nobu - Fine Dining in the Midst of Lanai Gardens
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5.0 / 5
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Sensei by Nobu is a fine dining restaurant that serves nutritious meals in a truly tropical environment. You'll find yourself completely captivated by this gardens-based dining room as you indulge in a true resort-like experience.

- The Local Expert Team

Food shouldn’t come as an afterthought. At least, that’s the ideal behind Sensei by Nobu. Located in the heart of the Four Seasons Resort in Lanai City, this chic fine dining restaurant truly makes eating a resort-like experience.

Sensei by Nobu is a restaurant collaboration completed by world-renown Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa and resort co-founder Dr. David Agnus. These two wanted to create a restaurant that put a science-led approach to nutrition first and serve those resulting meals within a truly Hawaiian and wellness-focused environment. The result, Sensei by Nobu, truly delivered on both counts. 

Sensei by Nobu boasts a dining room in the heart of massive gardens at the Four Seasons Resort. Diners can choose to either sit within a glass pavilion that overlooks a reflecting komi pond and the tropical beauty of Lanai’s inner country, or they can sit outside more amidst the beauty. This environment is designed to put you in a restorative mood, and it certainly works to that end.

The specific items on the menu at Sensei by Nobu shift by the season as each dish is crafted in order to incorporate fresh ingredients from the organic Sensei Farm. Sensei Farm is also located in Lanai and boasts hydroponic farming methods and greenhouses powered by solar panels to reduce the environmental toll. This farm is led by some of the state’s best agricultural researchers. 

In the mornings, nutritious breakfast dishes like Flaxseed Pancakes and Smoked Salmon, Two Eggs are largely served in the outdoor gardens seating area. Lunches are often very popular, with seating both inside and out largely full while at nighttime, many opt to sit inside where the dimmed lights of the atrium bring out the building’s wooden accents and reflect back the beauty of the outdoor gardens.

Some of the most popular lunch and dinner menu items at Sensei by Nobu include:

Sensei Farm Gazpacho with Kauai Shrimp
This zesty appetizer features a lot of local ingredients. Shrimp fished from the next island over and served with hydroponically farmed tomatoes. 

American Waygu 6oz New  York Strip Steak 
One of the most expensive items on the menu, but with a price that is well-deserved. This tender piece of steak is served alongside roasted wild mushrooms and covered with an in-house-made Anticucho sauce, sweet miso, and authentic Hawaiian black salt. 

Roasted Lobster Salad 
When in season, this is one of the most popular dishes. The succulent lobster meat is served on a bed of vegetables from the Sensei Farm and with a homemade smoked vinaigrette dressing with tropical fruits on the side. 

Note, Sensei by Nobu is labeled fine dining for a reason. Prices here are higher than average for the island. This is due in part to its reputation, in part to its location, and in part to the high quality of the ingredients. 

Insider Tip:
If you are staying at the resort, you can opt to have meals from Sensei by Nobu served to your room. But really, half of the experience is dining amidst the gardens and we really recommend going down to the atrium to get the full experience of the restaurant.