Views at Manele Golf

Views at Manele Golf – Get Fine Dining Cuisine in a Picturesque Setting on Lanai
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5.0 / 5
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Do you want to enjoy fine dining fare in a picturesque setting on Lanai? Just jet on over to the Four Seasons Resort Lanai for a chance to visit the Views at Manele Golf. Their signature dishes promise to knock your socks off and their drinks never fail to delight with their bright, bold flavors.

- The Local Expert Team

Views at Manele Golf serve as a fantastic spot in Lanai to enjoy fine dining cuisine in a truly picturesque setting. The 180-degree view of the oceanside sets the stage for an amazing meal, for sure. But their scrumptious island fare doesn’t need any help when it comes to leaving you wholly impressed with your dining experience.

In order to get a taste of what they’re serving up, you’ll likely need to reserve a room at the resort – or be a full-time resident of Lanai. The restaurant typically stays far too busy to open up its reservations to anyone else, making it a rather exclusive spot to dine. Even if you’re staying at the resort or are a full-time resident, you’ll need to book a table well ahead of your planned visit. You can do so quite easily by using the online system on their website or simply giving them a call.

As you do that, keep in mind that they’re only open for lunch service. This eatery usually serves as the go-to place for early morning golfers who spent the morning putt-putting the day away. Their lunchtime fare and tasty drinks help restore all their patrons’ energy spent on the greens, helping them fuel up for more island adventures.

Plan to arrive a few minutes before your set reservation time to avoid getting bumped off the schedule. Once you’re onsite, let your host know that you’re ready to get seated, and then follow them to your table. Then, promptly order whatever drink and starter you’d like to enjoy to kick off your dining experience.

As far as drinks go, they have tropical cocktails, wine by the glass, kombucha, and beer galore. Their non-alcoholic beverages are pretty fantastic, too, especially their fresh-fruit-filled refreshers. Want something truly unique? Ask about their lemonade of the day.

While waiting for your initial items to arrive, take a moment to gaze in awe at the fairways backed by the ocean vistas. Then, direct your attention to the menu to fully appreciate all the island-style cuisine at your fingertips. Their well-curated menu has all the fan favorites on tap, including fish and chips, bacon burgers, and kalbi ribs. Hand-selected local ingredients, expert preparations, and artistic plating take each dish to the next level, however, ensuring you’ll always walk away 100% impressed.

Their most popular fare includes:

Poke Ceviche
When you want all the freshest island flavors around, get the Poke Ceviche. To create this dish, the chef cubes up local ahi and shrimp before putting it all in a bowl with fresh lime juice. After that, they dice serrano pepper, taro, plantain, and fresh local coconut, and then add them to the mix. Once it’s cured, the dish lands on the table for your pure enjoyment.

Kalbi Rib Lettuce Wraps
For big flavor in every last bite, you definitely need to treat yourself to the Kalbi Rib Lettuce Wraps. This dish begins well before you arrive with the preparation of the braised short ribs. Once you order, the chef puts the rib meat in a baby romaine lettuce leaf. Then, they sprinkle on the green papaya, carrots, radishes, kimchee, and toasted peanuts to finish it off right.

Hulopoe Bay Prawn B.L.T.
Whenever you order the Hulopoe Bay Prawn B.L.T., you can count on enjoying flavors to remember from start to finish. The chef creates this dish by perfectly preparing fresh prawns. Once they’re done, the prawns go inside pita bread along with apple smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and spicy aioli.

Although you can easily fill up on all their great starters and entrees, you’d be wise to save room in your belly for dessert. Their Views Ice Cream Sandwiches are to die for, after all, making them the perfect final touch to a wonderful meal. If you go that route, expect to find their homemade ice cream pressed between two freshly baked cookies for bite after bite of pure deliciousness. Prefer to keep it a little lighter? You cannot go wrong with the Tropical Fruit Bowl.

Insider Tip:
They’re often short-staffed, which results in a long wait for service. If you don’t want to deal with that, call ahead of your reserved dining time to ask about their staffing situation.