No Ka Oi Grindz Lanai

No Ka Oi Grindz Lanai – Decadent Homecooked Meals Served Up in Huge Portions
The Bottom Line:

No Ka Oi Grindz Lanai proudly serves Hawaiian meals to remember while offering the friendliest service around. You can grab food off their hotline or go for made-to-order fare whipped up while you wait. Either way, you’re sure to leave feeling fully satisfied because each item always comes in huge portions.

- The Local Expert Team

At No Ka Oi Grindz Lanai, they go above and beyond in handcrafting delicious Hawaiian food made with the freshest island ingredients. Their day starts with the creation of a dozen hotline dishes based on whatever ingredients they have on hand. Want something in particular? Try your hand at making a special request early in the week and coming back to see if they honored your cravings. Although that’s a stretch, their hotline dishes never fail to impress as they’re always featuring the best flavors around.

While the hotline definitely serves as the star of the show, their made-to-order fare promises to delight as well. From Pancakes and Corned Beef Hash to Bacon Cheeseburgers and Saimin, No Ka Oi Grindz can create whatever you’re craving in that moment. You will have to wait a bit longer for the orders to arrive since they’re not ready to go like the hotline dishes.

Thanks to No Ka Oi Grindz’s homey aesthetic and cozy seating, you undoubtedly won’t mind kicking back and relaxing while they build your meal. While you wait, you can chat with the locals or simply enjoy the chill vibe and tantalizing scents coming from the kitchen. Even before you take a seat, their service will have you feeling right at home as they welcome you through the doors and take your order.

By your second visit, No Ka Oi Grindz will likely remember your name and favorites on the menu, although it’s always best to try something new at this restaurant. It’s especially important to check out what’s going on along the hotline, so you can catch the special dishes while they’re available. Their hotline offerings change up often based on ingredient availability and chef’s choice, so don’t miss the chance to scope it out.

Must-try items on the menu at No Ka Oi Grindz include:

Garlic Fries
If you’d like to whet your appetite with oodles of flavor, the Garlic Fries are the way to go at No Ka Oi Grindz. They make this appetizer by frying up their crinkle-cut fries to a light golden brown. Then, they pile on the garlic to kick them up a notch and serve them up with your sauce of choice.

Haupia Banana Macnut Pancakes
Their Haupia Banana Macnut Pancakes arrive larger than life and more than ready to tantalize your tastebuds. Whether you get the single, mini, shorty, or mega style pancakes, each one arrives ultra-fluffy and wholly delicious. Over the top, they add haupia syrup plus bananas and macadamia nuts to bring it all together.

Chicken Adobo
When you’re in the mood for tender meat in a scrumptious sauce, treat yourself to the Chicken Adobo. They start this dish early in the morning, so it’s piping hot and perfectly cooked by the time everyone starts to arrive. They keep their recipe a closely-guarded secret, so you’ll just have to come in for a taste to start guessing at how they make this magical dish.  

Teriyaki Bacon Cheeseburger
Much more than just a burger, the Teriyaki Bacon Cheeseburger offers bite after bite of beefy goodness. No Ka Oi Grindz creates their patties by hand and then throw them down on the grill with plenty of teriyaki sauce. Once they’re brown and caramelized, the burger gets cheese and crispy bacon over top right before it slides onto the bun. Want fries alongside? Order them up separately to complete your flavor experience.

Expect the crowds to flow through the doors starting at 11 am, kicking off the lunchtime rush. Although you could wait it out, you’ll likely miss the most popular items on the hotline. Beyond that, they’re only open until 1pm, so you must strike while the iron is hot to get a bite to eat. If you miss out, be sure to come back early the next day for another chance.

Insider Tips:
No Ka Oi Grindz changes its hours or closes on occasion for catering events, upkeep, and other activities, but you can just check their Facebook for the inside scoop before coming by.
-As it gets close to closing time, it’s kind to grab an outdoor seat, so the crew can clean up and head out on time.