Naha Beach

Naha Beach – Where to Enjoy Fishing in One of the Four Ancient Ponds on Lanai
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When you want to dig deep into the history and culture of Lanai while fishing your heart out, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Naha Beach. At this East Side gem, you’ll get to see an ancient fishing pond and the remnants of the nearby village plus have a chance to bring home dinner. Swimming is a no-go, but you’re safe to jump the waves and wade a bit.

- The Local Expert Team

If you’d like to take a trip into the history and culture of Lanai, Naha Beach is definitely a great place to go along the eastern shores. With its ancient fishpond and remnants of the fishing village of yesteryear, there’s plenty to explore plus tons of opportunities to bring in the big one. Beyond that, you’ll get to take in the fantastic views of the oceanside and simply soak in the beauty of paradise.   

You’ll need to take it slow getting to Naha Beach, however, since it’s only accessible along a deeply rutted road. But with a capable four-wheel-drive vehicle, it’s possible to work your way down the marred pathway to the oceanside beyond. You’ll want to download or buy a roadmap of Lanai before going on this trip. Otherwise, you could miss the beach access point since it’s not clearly marked and the trails continue on past that point.

As you drive along the road, take it slow to avoid obstacles along the way and watch for signs of the ruins of the old fishing village. There are many placards placed along the route to teach you a little history of the area and help you understand what you’re seeing. Bring along your camera, so you can take photo after photo of the sights and share the history with your loved ones upon returning home.

Upon arriving at Naha Beach, the first thing you’ll notice is the ancient pond along the shoreline. As the tide goes out, the circle of rocks keeps the pond filled with water and makes fishing easier than ever as its occupants work up an appetite. This pond is one of four across the island, all of which are definitely worth checking out and seeing what you can catch in each one.

So, bring along all your fishing gear and cast your line to see what’s biting. You can catch and release for the fun of it or bring back a few keepers to enjoy for dinner that night. Either way, you’re sure to love seeing the interesting fish that come up on your line as you get bite after bite at this excellent fishing spot.

While along the water, keep in mind that Naha Beach is not a safe place to swim. With the surf feeling rough more often than not – and the complete lack of lifeguards – swimming could prove treacherous in no time flat. Instead, you can wade through the water at knee-deep and lower or just jump the waves as they wash up along the shore.

When you’re ready to enjoy the phenomenal views of the oceanside, look for the man-made path of stones right at the end of the rutted road. From there, you’ll head uphill where you’ll get to enjoy amazing views, including a peek at Maui beyond. If you wait it out, you may even get to catch a glimpse of the ferry that moves between the islands.

Since there are no facilities at Naha Beach, you’ll need to pack out what you bring along for the ride. If you notice any trash along the way, don’t hesitate to pack it out as well. This will help preserve the island’s beauty for generations to come, giving back to the landscape you adore. Keeping the land trash-free also helps protect the ocean waters and all the marine life that call it home, so it’s well worth the extra effort.

Insider Tips:
-The shore at Naha Beach is rather rocky, so bring your water shoes if you want to wade and jump the waves.  
-If it’s been raining in the days prior to your planned trip, you’ll want to wait it out. The road is near impassable when wet even if you do have the best 4×4 around.