Molokai Plumerias Farm

Molokai Plumerias Farm - Molokai, HI – Pick Your Own Plumerias & String a Lei
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4.5 / 5
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You can purchase traditional Hawaiian leis at farm stands and shops across Molokai, or you could opt to make your own and learn more about the gorgeous flowers at the heart with a visit to Molokai Plumeria Farm. Molokai Plumeria Farm offers guided tours complete with plumeria picking and lei stringing. 

- The Local Expert Team

Molokai is a quieter Hawaiian island. Here, farms blanket the valleys, and fewer sprawling resorts and tourist attractions. Here, the quieter activities often when out, and one such activity many have enjoyed is the picking of plumeria flowers at the Molokai Plumerias Farm.

Molokai Plumerias Farm is located just off of Mauna Loa Highway, that long stretch of road that cuts through the heart of the island. You will see their small sign and entranceway just about directly across where the highway intersects with the small side road of Hoawa Road. 

The Molokai Plumerias Farm specializes in growing, cutting, and selling yellow-white plumerias. Plumeria refers both to those gorgeous, fragrant flowers and the small tropical trees they grow on. The flowers boast large petals and are best known for being the go-to flower for the making of leis. At the Molokai Plumerias Farm, you can take part in a guided tour to learn more about these flowers, and the trees they grow on, and to pick plumerias to string into your very own personal lei to wear or give to someone you care about.

On the guided tour, you will be handed a bag and shown how to collect plumerias for yourself. The shorter stature of the trees makes this relatively simple as you grab a branch and gently bring it to you so as to pluck the flower at the base. Your guide will show you how at the farm, but then they generally let you loose to meander the gorgeous trees to collect your flowers. Wandering through these fragrant rows of flowering trees is a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon even if you don’t find yourself wanting to string a lei (note that those sensitive to pollen in any capacity should bring wet wipes to prevent an allergic reaction). That said, for those looking to come home with a souvenir from the Molokai Plumerias Farm, know that you will need about 50 plumerias to create a lei of classic greeting length. 

Once you and the others on your guided tour have collected your leis, you’ll be taken back to the front of the farm where a station is ready for lei stringing. Lei stringing is fairly straightforward — cut a piece of strong string or twine to length and secure a needle at one end. Then, you’ll simply thread that needle directly through the center of each plumeria, pushing each on down as you thread on the next until you have your string full and ready to tie as a necklace.

Find you want another official Hawaiian lei later? The Molokai Plumerias Farm’s main business is picking, cutting, and selling their flowers all across the United States. Check their website for more information about order and delivery. 

Insider Tips:
-You can book a guided tour at the Molokai Plumerias Farm for just about any time of the day, making it easy to choose something that fits with your overall stay in Molokai. That said, if you have room for flexibility, we recommend booking a guided tour at this farm late in the afternoon. That’s because the late afternoon is when plumerias bloom full and fresh. 
-The plumeria blooming season is March through October in Hawaii, and you will be able to make a guided tour complete with flower picking and lei making at any point during this season. But, the best time to go is in the height of the bloom, between late April and August. This is when you’ll see the most blooms across every level of the tree. 
-If you plan on doing other activities around Molokai after a visit to this farm and aren’t planning on wearing your newly fashioned lei while doing so, then make sure to bring a cooler with ice. Ice or cold water will help to keep your leis looking fresh for longer. Typically, these freshly cut leis will last about 24 before they start to turn brown, but you can extend that with proper care and storage.