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Maui Zipline Company – Soar Across Paradise While Enjoying Views of the Maui Tropical Plantation
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4 / 5
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Want to go on a family-friendly adventure to remember? Just sign up to soar through the skies with Maui Zipline Company in Wailuku. Their five side-by-side zipline excursion takes you on a spectacular trip across the Maui Tropical Plantation. Breathtaking views and tons of fun await, so make sure to book your spot well ahead of your travels.

- The Local Expert Team

If you’ve always wanted to fly like a bird while gazing upon the beauty of paradise, Maui Zipline Company can make it happen. On their five side-by-side ziplines, you’ll go up as high as 900 feet and zoom through the skies at an exhilarating clip. The journey starts at the center of the Maui Tropical Plantation and continues all the way across their gorgeous Wailuku property. The lush landscape offers views of swaying palm trees, dazzling waterways, and mountain backdrops.

Their ziplines definitely bring speed and a sense of adventure, but they’re built to be enjoyable by people of all ages. Kids as young as five can zoom down the lines alongside their siblings, parents, and even their grandparents. The tandem lines make it easy to point out all the amazing sights to each other. Plus, the setup kicks the competitive spirit into high gear, encouraging riders to get going fast and ride in style.

Although they used to allow walk-ins, they only take reservations these days. Thankfully, it’s easy to book your spot on their website. They take bookings months in advance, so you can set up your visit right after buying plane tickets to the island. You can often find same-day openings as well, although it occasionally gets super busy during the peak tourist season.

On the selected tour date, make sure that everyone in your group wears closed-toe shoes and otherwise dress for the weather. Their ziplines run rain or shine, so plan accordingly. If it starts to downpour unexpectedly, they will provide rain gear for your crew. UVA- and UVA-protection sunglasses and reef-safe SPF 50+ sunblock are a must whether it’s sunny or cloudy. Try to leave your valuables in your hotel safe. If you forget, they do have free lockers for you to use during your zipline adventures.

The entire trip takes about two hours from start to finish, but you should plan for extra time getting set up and taking photos along the way. Your adventures start with a friendly introduction by the experienced guides. They will let you know what to expect, go over the safety considerations, and lead the way to the first line. After that, you’ll take a short walk up to the first line where you’ll get set up in the harness.

Once you’re securely attached to the line, you just have to kick off and away you go. The guides will handle the handbraking toward the end of the line to bring you to a gentle stop. Then, they will help you get onto the platform and lead you onto the next line. You will need to wait around for the whole group to arrive before moving onto the next phase of the trip. You can use that time to take photos or simply enjoy the amazing views.

By the end of the fifth line, you’ll have seen the full beauty of the plantation and will likely be ready for a hearty meal. Just be sure to thank your guide and give them a tip for a job well done. You can then visit the eateries and shops on the plantation for a bite to eat and souvenirs to remember your trip. If you want to go on another run down the ziplines, hop on their website and see if you can grab another spot that day.

Insider Tips:
-All guests must weigh-in upon arriving to make sure they meet the weight restrictions. They do not offer a refund if you’re outside their allowed range.
-When letting your kids ages 11 to 18 zipline solo, a parent or guardian must remain onsite at all times.
-People who are pregnant, have any previous injuries, or other complicating medical conditions cannot ride the ziplines.
-Provide at least 24 hours’ notice for your cancellations to get a full refund.
-Expect closures during periods of high winds or during lightning storms.