Morimoto Maui

Morimoto Maui Upscale -- Japanese Dining Overlooking the Beach
The Bottom Line:

Morimoto Maui is a gorgeous restaurant overlooking Mokapu Beach. This is a go-to place when you want fresh seafood, fantastic atmosphere, and first-class table service. 

- The Local Expert Team

Beauty. If there were one word to describe all that is Morimoto Maui, the word beauty would be it. From the moment you step foot into this upscale Japanese restaurant, you’ll see it. It begins with the expert craftsmanship of the building itself, built specifically to house this award-winning restaurant, and continues on to the beauty inherent in every exquisite plate of food coming from the kitchen. Then, there’s the view. An outdoor patio area offers complete western views of the beach, making stunning sunset sakis a wonderful possibility. So if you are a person who admires beauty and quality in every aspect of life, then Morimoto Maui is a must-visit restaurant for you during your time on the island. 

You will find Morimoto Maui overlooking Mokapu Beach in Wailea, Maui. While this renowned restaurant has made itself popular in its own right and by its own name, Morimoto Maui is located within the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, a luxury lodging under the Hyatt banner. Those staying at Andaz Maui at Wailea may be able to access dinner and treat discounts when booking their lodgings, but otherwise, everyone is welcome to dine at Morimoto Maui. And everyone should consider dining at Morimoto Maui, at least once if you don’t mind the expense.

The stellar experience at Morimoto Maui begins with its location. The building that houses the restaurant was built specifically for it, with the architects inspired by a modern Japanese beach house. The result is a gorgeous interior and exterior boasting rich wooden beams and low-set, comfortable tables and chairs boasting neutral tones that enhance, not distract from the lovely natural environment. Morimoto Maui features 180-degree ocean views so that wherever you are sitting in the beautiful outdoor terrace or poolside lounge, you are sure to enjoy exquisite beachfront vistas. Diners call also opt to enjoy their meal or drinks at the sushi bar or interior dining room with its own lovely views.

The menu at Morimoto Maui was crafted by star chef Masaharu Morimoto. This is the same Morimoto that competed and later guest hosted on shows like Iron Chef and Iron Chef America. He has nearly a dozen restaurants now bearing his name, including the fantastic Morimoto Maui. Most of these restaurants have menus that focus on Asian dishes combined with Western ingredients and cooking styles. What makes Morimoto Maui truly special is that it keeps this broad focus (although here, Japanese dishes take a front seat) but adds to it fresh, local ingredients from Hawaii, including the best in sustainable, delicious seafood. 

Some popular menu options at Morimoto Maui include:

Morimoto Omakase 
Also called the Chef’s Choice, this is an ideal menu item for those traveling in a group or a couple who likes to share and experience multiple dishes. The Morimoto Omakase is a multi-course tasting menu featuring Morimoto favorites and the best of in-season options. Note, this menu option is only available on select days and hours. Check with the service staff regarding its availability before confirming your reservation.

Ishi Yaki Buri Bop 
Succulent yellowtail fish prepared to your liking and served atop rice prepared at your table in a hot river stone bowl. This is a great dish for those likewise looking for a more Morimoto dining experience but with the big expense of the tasting menu. While the source sometimes changes, most of the yellowtail comes locally, from fisheries off the coast of Kona. 

Insider Tips:
Individual tables are rarely reservable over the phone. This means that if you’re booking a reservation for just before sunset with the hope of getting the crème de la crème of sunset views, you risk being disappointed by a walk-up nabbing it from you. Instead, book earlier than you normally would, and make sure to note your preference upon arrival.