Wei-Wei Cafe & Noodle House

Wei-Wei Cafe & Noodle House: A Local Secret Serving Cantonese-Style Chinese Food and Hawaiian Favorites
The Bottom Line:

Feast on Cantonese-style Chinese food and Hawaiian dishes at Wei-Wei Cafe & Noodle House. As a locals’ favorite restaurant in Wailuku, it serves substantial portions of a variety of tasty, authentic dishes at reasonable prices.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Friendly service, budget prices, tasty Cantonese-style food, and generous portions elevate Wei-Wei Cafe & Noodle House from a family-run restaurant to a local favorite.

What makes this restaurant exceptional is the dedication of the family who owns and runs the restaurant to the dishes they serve. The owners prepare everything in-house, including the noodles, so you will know meals will taste fresh. To help meet the high demand for house-made noodles, the owner purchased a machine from China two decades ago. He has been using it since to make numerous small batches of fresh noodles.

Since opening, the tiny “hole-in-the-wall” Wei-Wei Cafe & Noodle House has quietly served stellar Chinese and Hawaiian foods. If you crave Hawaiian dishes, try saimin, macaroni salad, or loco moco. For Chinese meals, opt for any of the roast meats, soups, or noodle dishes. Visitors praise everything they’ve tried here, so you will likely pick a new favorite dish, whatever you try from the menu.

Some of the most popular dishes on the menu at Wei-Wei Cafe include the following:

The Hawaiian staple of saimin relies on the quality of its broth and noodles to stand out. Wei-Wei prepares both components of the dish in-house and exceeds all expectations. You can choose your saimin plain, with vegetables, or with roast duck. All are delicious, per previous diners, and rank among the best saimin dishes they’ve had in Hawaii. Pair your saimin with an entree or mini plate for a full meal. If you want saimin as a standalone meal, choose a large order for a soup that satisfies even the heartiest of appetites.

Char Siu Anything  
Anything with barbecue pork at this restaurant tastes fabulous because the kitchen cooks the meat daily. Dishes that incorporate char siu include combo plates with other meats, char siu fried rice, and the popular char siu gou lo mein. Plus, you can choose to order this meat in quarter-pound increments up to one pound. Sometimes, the restaurant will prepare manapua, which are pillowy buns filled with barbecued pork. Contact the restaurant before visiting to find out which days they make manapua. In the past, they have sold these handheld favorites on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but they can sell out quickly.

Roast Duck
Like char siu, roast duck appears in multiple dishes or as an entree you order by the quarter pound. Several specials pair roast duck with various poultry dishes, such as soy chicken, ginger chicken, and roast chicken. For the ultimate taste of the best meats that Wei-Wei has to offer, try the roast duck and char siu combo special. You’ll get both popular types of meat on one plate. Saimin with roast duck is another pairing of some of the top dishes at this restaurant.

Whichever format in which you choose to order the roast duck, you will enjoy a meal with flavorful, rich meat that satisfies.

House Cake Noodle
Wei-Wei makes all noodles in-house, including the house cake noodle entree. The cake noodles are perfectly seared and have the right thickness. In this entree, the noodles work perfectly with the subtly flavored house-made gravy, vegetables, and char siu that flavor it. If you’ve never had cake noodles, you will enjoy noodles baked in a pan, cut into squares, and crisped in a hot pan. These square pieces of cake noodles go into the House Cake Noodle entree to provide a unique texture to the dish.

Crispy Gau Gee Mein
If you’ve been to Honolulu, you may have had the locally popular crispy gau gee mein there. However, on Maui, this dish is hard to find, especially good versions of it. Wei-Wei Cafe & Noodle House excels at preparing this dish to even the pickiest of expectations. Gau gee is won ton-like noodles, which have a filling inside. Cooked to be either soft or crispy, these treats appear in both forms at Wei-Wei Cafe, which serves both crispy and soft gau gee mein. Both gau gee mein dishes include flavorful sauce and vegetables with the gau gee.

You don’t need to leave the area to get freshly made noodles. Visit Wei-Wei Cafe & Noodle House to enjoy some of the top Chinese and Hawaiian food around with exceptional service, quality, and prices. You’ll agree with the restaurant’s regulars who frequently return to savor their Chinese or Hawaiian favorites.  

Insider Tips:
-Plan on taking your food to go or visiting with a small group because the dining area only has small tables and can only accommodate 12 to 15 diners at the tables.
-You will find more parking behind the restaurant if there are no available spots in front.