Cafe O’Lei Kihei

Cafe O'Lei Kihei - Sizable Portions And a Friendly Atmosphere at a Maui Staple
The Bottom Line:

Perfect for a special outing with the family, the Cafe O'Lei location in Kihei has an unremarkable exterior but a welcoming atmosphere and a menu chock full of enticing options. Stop by to sip on local beer, enjoy entrees with huge portions, or sample unique rolls from the sushi bar.

- The Local Expert Team

Throughout Hawaii, Cafe O’Lei is synonymous with culinary excellence. This small chain has multiple Maui locations, plus a food truck and a catering service. 

Family-owned and operated, this gem of a chain is headed by a true Hawaii dream team: chefs Michael and Dana Pastula. These talented culinary professionals boast extensive experience from some of Hawaii’s most noteworthy hotels and resorts. 

The Kihei location shares the culinary flair found at every Cafe O’Lei, but also plenty of local appeal. While it’s exterior can be accurately described as nondescript, this unremarkable appearance gives way to a far more glamorous interior. 

The menu includes a variety of options to suit many types of visitors. The seafood dishes are particularly enjoyable, but some guests may prefer sandwiches, salads, or burgers. The portions are sizable for most dishes, so come prepared with a big appetite.

Cafe O’Lei’s various appetizers and meals taste great on their own but are even better when paired with tropical beverages. The personable bartenders are happy to whip up many types of enticing drinks. A few local brews are available for those who prefer beer.

While the drink selection makes this a great stop for date night, the restaurant also appeals to families. Many kid-friendly menu items are available, with service quick enough to keep young visitors from getting impatient. The cheerful atmosphere makes dining a joy for families, but may prevent this location from being calm enough for some visitors — especially during the busy lunch hours.

A few of our favorite menu items include the following:

Lettuce Wraps
Keep it healthy with an appetizer that proves you can enjoy a nutritious meal without compromising on flavor. These chicken wraps include shiitake mushrooms and water chestnuts. 

Local Beef Burger
Featuring premium beef from local rancher Bill Jacintho, this juicy burger is loaded with cheddar cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. It’s served on a fresh sesame bun.

Crab Club Sandwich
Bringing seafood vibes to the concept of the traditional club sandwich, this masterpiece incorporates crab salad and crisp bacon, plus tomato, greens, and avocado. Delicious focaccia bread takes an already excellent sandwich to the next level.

Shrimp Linguine
If you have a big appetite, you’ll definitely want to order this hearty pasta dish. Featuring an exquisite cream sauce, it’s flavored with plenty of basil and garlic. 

Blackened Mahi
Treat yourself to an explosion of flavor made possible by papaya salsa and a ginger buttered sauce — which some patrons claim is better than the fish itself. The Mahi is accompanied by a selection of seasonal vegetables. 

Enjoy a taste of Hawaiian cuisine at Cafe O’Lei Kihei, where you’ll appreciate the friendly service and the fresh ingredients. 

Insider Tips:
-If you’re interested in ordering sushi, be sure to check the hours. At this particular location, the sushi bar opens at 4 pm, while in-restaurant dining is available as early as 11 am.
-While the most enjoyable Cafe O’Lei experience occurs onsite, the restaurant also offers a variety of dishes for curbside takeout. Orders can be completed online via the Cafe O’Lei website. Several hotels are located within a short drive of the restaurant, so this is a great option for anyone staying near the beach in Kihei. Free utensils are available with takeout, but you’ll need to specifically request them when completing your online order. 
-In addition to its standard menu, the restaurant sometimes provides special dining experiences for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or Easter. Check the official Cafe O’Lei Facebook page to learn about special dining events or call the restaurant to learn if a customized menu will be provided for a particular holiday