Laulima Farm Fruit Stand

Laulima Farm Fruit Stand – Experience the Magic of Regenerative Agriculture in Kipahulu
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5.0 / 5
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Set on a beloved family farm in Kipahulu, Laulima Farm Fruit Stand lets you enjoy the spoils of all their hard work. Start your visit with their incredible fruit sampler plate and freshly brewed coffee. Then, grab even more delicious fruit for the road before heading out to explore the Hana Highway.  

- The Local Expert Team

As you travel the Road to Hana, stop by Laulima Farm Fruit Stand to enjoy fresh tropical fruit in paradise. At this Kipahulu family farm, they go all out in using regenerative agricultural practices to grow flavorful fruit, coffee, and so much more. Thanks to their natural approach to farming the land, all their produce ends up 100% organic and equally delicious. They harvest each crop by hand when it’s perfectly ripe, and then sell the bulk of it at their onsite fruit stand.

Depending on when you come by, you can find their stand full of ultra-fresh cacao beans, avocado, bananas, zapotes, jackfruit, durian, bananas, pineapples, and other wonderful treats. They even grow their own ginger and turmeric and then sell them whole, ground, and candied. Want to see what it’s like to enjoy popcorn grown in paradise? They have that, too, and pop it up fresh for your enjoyment at every visit.

All throughout the year, you can expect their produce selection to feel absolutely overwhelming at first glance. Thankfully, you can sample their top selections before buying by kicking off your visit with a tropical fruit plate. They’ll load up the plate with ready-to-eat goodness from their farm, and then serve it with a smile. You can take the plate over to the bamboo seating area to take in the stunning views of their farm while savoring the fruit.

Don’t forget to pair your fruit plate with freshly brewed coffee. They grow, process, and roast their own beans, creating a truly unique flavor profile all their own. Then, they brew it as requested, adding cream and sugar to your liking. Since they take great care in handcrafting every cup of coffee, you can expect a bit of a wait for your order to arrive. But that just gives you more time to enjoy the beautiful farmland views in your midst.

If coffee is not quite your style, you can elect to sip on chilled coconut milk straight out of the coconut itself. They will chop the coconut open while you watch, and then put a straw in it for your convenience. After you sip down the milk, bring the coconut back up for another chop, so you can nosh on the meat inside.

Their most popular items include:

Candied Turmeric
If you’ve only had turmeric as a spice, you’re going to want to try its candied version. They keep their Candied Turmeric recipe a closely guarded secret, but you’re bound to taste hints of fresh pineapple, ginger, and sugarcane throughout. Get enough to enjoy on the spot and take with you on the Road to Hana.

Baked Goods
They always have fresh baked goods on tap, ready to satisfy your sweet tooth at first bite. Bar cookies, coconut milk biscuits, and so much more all await your arrival. To get a taste of pure sugary deliciousness, just ask what they’ve whipped up that day.

If you’re hungry for a full meal during your visit, go with the tacos. Their creations vary depending on what ingredients they have on hand. But, you can always count on them perfectly hitting the spot when you need rich taco flavors in your life.

Are you planning a special event any time soon? If so, you need to ask about using their farm as your venue of choice. Across its 13 acres of space, they have many facilities available for your use. Just let the team know what you’re dreaming of – and they’ll go all out in making it happen.

Insider Tips:
-Like many spots on the Road to Hana, they are a cash-only establishment. Stop by the ATM before starting your travels to ensure you have enough cash to go around.
-The roads here can be a little unpredictable, especially with high rain. When it’s raining, it might be a little bit harder to access this fruit stand.
-You’re welcome to walk around the garden at your leisure if you wish. Just make sure to stay on the path.