The Market

The Market – Offering Wailea Gourmet Eats Prepared with Love – Plus Groceries Too
The Bottom Line:

Want to shop for key grocery essentials and get a tasty meal all in one stop? Just make a quick trip over to The Market to fill up your belly and your shopping bags. Their gourmet eats are second-to-none, making them quite a popular place to shop and dine at your leisure. 

- The Local Expert Team

Are you looking for a great place to get all your key grocery essentials and a bite to eat? If so, you just need to put The Market on your radar. At this quaint Wailea shop, they have all the finest grocery items, most of which come from all over the island. Then, their chefs transform their fresh, local ingredients into meals to remember, letting you shop and dine all in one convenient spot.

To avoid trying to buy up the store, it’s best to get a bite to eat before you shop. With that move, you’ll get to sample some of their top-notch grocery items, too, making it easier to figure out what to buy. If you’d like to order from their menu, you just have to hop in the line leading up to the register. Take your time reviewing their chalkboard menu to see what suits your fancy on that visit. Their menu changes often, so even if you’ve come by recently, it’s a good idea to read it from start to finish.

Upon reaching the counter, you’re welcome to put in your order, and then find a seat at one of their tables. They have several seating options inside and out, letting you choose your perfect dining experience. As you get settled in for an amazing meal, their chefs will get started in building your meal as soon as your order hits the kitchen. Once it’s done, your server will bring your order right out to your table. You can then dig into the pure deliciousness and focus on enjoying the meal before you. 

After finishing your meal, you’ll want to take a look around the shop to get all your grocery essentials. During your explorations, you’ll find fresh produce, artisan cheeses, and quality meats, just to name a few things. Snacks, fruit preserves, hot sauce, and many other handcrafted local goods fill out the shelves as well. They have all the top beer, wine, and more, too!

Don’t miss the chance to try the:

Pineapple Mango Smoothie
Whenever you want to sip on all the best tropical flavors, just order up the Pineapple Mango Smoothie. To make this tasty drink, the chef blends fresh pineapple, mango, and banana chunks. After that’s smooth, they add coconut milk before finishing it off with local honey.

Market Cheese Plate
If you’re in a sharing mood, it’s always a good idea to start your meal with the Market Cheese Plate. This tasty appetizer starts with three assorted kinds of cheese, sliced thin. Then, they add apples, salumi, crostini, pepitas, and tapenade alongside the cheese. Whole grain mustard and honey go on the plate last to finish off this picture of perfection.

A Proper BLT
For a truly robust sandwich made with care, get the aptly named, A Proper BLT. The chef builds this iconic sandwich by frying slices of pork belly until they’re perfectly crispy. Then, they put the pork on sourdough bread slathered in garlic aioli. Greens, tomato, and mustard go on next before the whole lot gets pressed until piping hot inside and crisp on the outside.

Are you planning a special event? If so, you definitely need to ask about their catering services. They can host your event in their dining room – or bring all the delicious food you could want to your venue of choice. Just be sure to call well ahead of time to get your party on their schedule. Their calendar fills up fast, after all, especially during the peak of the tourist season.

Insider Tips:
-Their potion sizes often leave much to be desired, so don’t hesitate to order a bit extra if you’re feeling ravenous.
-If you want to get takeout fast, call in your order before leaving the hotel.