Frida’s Beach House

Frida's Beach House – Enjoy Tasty Mexican Cuisine Made Using the Freshest Ingredients in Lahaina
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Frida’s Beach House, you can always count on enjoying classic Mexican fare and tequila by the boatload. All their menu items feature the freshest local ingredients, plus Patron has a dedicated barrel with their name on it. As if that’s not enough, their airy Lahaina eatery sits right on the waterfront, treating you to phenomenal views while you dine in style.

- The Local Expert Team

Are you in the mood for classic Mexican dishes served up with all the tequila-based drinks you could want? If so, you need a trip to Frida’s Beach House in your life STAT. Owned and operated by local restaurant moguls, Judy and Mark Ellman, this waterfront Lahaina eatery has its winning formula down pat. As the owners and operators of 18 popular island restaurants, they know that it’s vital to only use fresh, local ingredients and proven culinary techniques.

A testament to their 30 years in the industry, the results of their efforts are always phenomenal. Every dish comes out of the kitchen looking like pure perfection and filled with bright, bold flavors. They also add their own little special touches here and there, like pomegranate pips and cotija cheese on the guacamole, to further elevate the dining experience.

As you sample each item on their menu, it quickly becomes quite clear that they go above and beyond in sourcing ingredients that they’re truly proud to serve. In fact, they’ve gone so far as to buy five acres of land in the Maui mountainside and started their very own organic farm. Soon enough, they’ll incorporate their home-grown fare into the mix, but for now, they support local ranchers, fishermen, and farmers all over the island.

Although not local, they also have a close working relationship with Patron. To best support their patrons’ love for tequila-based drinks, they’ve convinced that popular spirit company to produce a private barrel for their beach house alone. With that move, they’re always sure to have the finest liquor on tap for the creation of their signature cocktails, including The Classic with its mix of traditional silver, orange liquor, and lime. Their offerings don’t end at Patron either. They also have a dozen other types of tequila plus plenty of mezcal, too.

Swing by for a taste of the:

Desert Blossom
Whenever you’re feeling fancy, order the Desert Blossom to sip in style. This drink skips the Patron in favor of Maestro Dobel Diamante Private Barrel. To that, they add prickly pear, lime, and Mezcal Rinse before pouring it all in a beautiful glass complete with a black lava salt rim.  

Fresh Ceviche Tostada
The Fresh Ceviche Tostada comes packed with bright flavors that promise to get you ready for the main course. This starter begins with fresh-caught fish soaked in a lime marinade. Once it’s perfectly done, avocado and pico de gallo join the party to bring all the flavors together perfectly. 

Housemade Chili Relleno
A definite fan favorite, the Housemade Chili Relleno will satisfy all your cravings for homecooked goodness in every bite. They create this popular entrée by stuffing a roasted poblano with Oaxaca cheese, and then battering and deep-frying it to perfection. After that, they put it on the plate with salsa ranchero and pico de gallo to balance the super-rich cheese.

Although tequila is the name of the game, they go well beyond that liquor to offer the full range of drinks. If you prefer something a little different, treat yourself to the draft brews or wine of your choice. Their non-alcoholic beverages are always refreshing and delicious, too, including their Arnold Palmer, Jarritos sodas, and Mexican bottled coke.

Insider Tips:
-When dining in a party of six or more, expect to see an automatic 18% gratuity added to the bill.
-Want to take home a piece of Frida’s magic? Just ask to buy their swag during your visit. They have t-shirts, hats, plus tons of Practice Aloha merch up for grabs.
-When the Chili Verde is available, you had better order it because it’s only up for a limited time.
-Happy hour runs daily from 3 pm to 4:30 pm.