Da Shrimp Hale

Da Shrimp Hale – Where to Get Fresh Island Seafood with a Cajun Kick
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When you’re craving fresh seafood elevated by all the best Cajun flavors, Da Shrimp Hale is the place to go in Kahului. At this popular Maui restaurant, they bring good food, friendly service, and a warm atmosphere. You have to BYOB and have a huge appetite as well, and then get ready for an out-of-this-world flavor experience.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

At Da Shrimp Hale, they are on a mission to tantalize your tastebuds while making sure you always feel right at home. A true Lahaina favorite, this eatery puts the focus on making good food always, but they never skimp on the aloha either.

The heavenly scent of Cajun seafood and warm, inviting atmosphere greets you upon arrival as a result, making this a great place to land whenever hunger strikes. You definitely need to bring a big appetite, too, because they plate everything up in enormous portions. Don’t forget to BYOB either if you want to sip on alcoholic beverages while enjoying your selections.

On top of all that, you’ll want to have plenty of time to weigh all the options on their menu. Peel and eat shrimp are their specialty, of course, but they have all the fan favorites on tap. Crawfish, calamari, lobster, oysters, crab, and so much more all await your arrival. And while all their seafood is plenty good on its own, their Cajun spices take every last morsel to the next level. 

If you just want a quick meal, you’re welcome to keep it simple with a fried basket filled with fish, chips, and the like. But if you want the full dining experience, you absolutely need to go with their Cajun seafood boil. With that, you get to select your seafood of choice, seasoning flavor, and spice level. As is tradition, you’ll also get sausages, potatoes, corn, Cajun fries, and steamed rice.

You definitely need to try the:

Crab Puffs
Want all the best ocean flavors condensed into crispy bites of pure goodness? If so, get the Crab Puffs. Although they don’t share their recipe for this delightful treat, you can bet on it satisfying all your cravings. They’re best enjoyed fresh out of the fryer, so plan to enjoy them as soon as you order hits the table.

As it’s only available for a limited time, always treat yourself to the Opakapaka when you see it on the board. This dish features fresh pink snapper filets grilled to perfection. Then, they add their grilled pineapple salsa and soy sake butter sauce over the top. Asparagus and rice land on the side along with some Cajun shrimp for good measure.

Although it’s hidden amongst the sides, the Gumbo is a must-try delight that’s reason enough to visit all on its own. You can get it all on its own in a cup, but it’s best enjoyed over rice. Either way, get ready for a blast of powerful flavor in every last bite.

Always follow their BYOB rules written on the blackboard or risk getting denied the privilege of sipping on your beverages of choice. To start, they only allow you to enjoy beer and wine on the premises. Also, you have to let your server know that you’ve brought alcoholic beverages before you start drinking. Then, let them check your ID to confirm you’re of drinking age. On top of all that, keep it chill or they could flex their right to refuse service.

Insider Tips:
-Check their specials before ordering to avoid missing out on their newest menu items.
-When dining with six or more in your party, don’t be surprised to see a 15% service charge added to your bill.
-They will only split the check a max of three times for each party.
-If you don’t BYOB, definitely get a canned drink (or two!) to go with your meal, especially if you go big on the spice.