Hula Cookies & Ice Cream

Hula Cookies & Ice Cream – Get Scrumptious Ice Cream Sandwiches, Cookies, and More in Maalaea
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If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth STAT, you need a trip to Hula Cookies & Ice Cream in your life. At this Maalaea eatery, they put their all into creating truly delectable desserts, including stunningly good ice cream sandwiches. Plus, they infuse all they do with their warm aloha spirit, ensuring you always feel welcome to swing by.

- The Local Expert Team

Whenever you find yourself craving tasty sweet treats, make it a top priority to visit Hula Cookies & Ice Cream. A family-owned and operated joint in Maalaea, this little shop goes big on the flavor while making all their gourmet cookies, ice cream sandwiches, and more. Then, they serve every last item up with a smile, making for the perfect dessert experience every time.

The crew starts every day at the crack of dawn, whipping up batch after batch of cookies made from scratch. Their shop smells absolutely heavenly as a result, bringing in passersby one after another. All their cookie recipes use super fresh, high-quality ingredients. Plus, they never add any trans fats and preservatives to the mix.

All their cookie flavors come with a tropical kick, reminding you that you’re dining in paradise. You can get fruity creations, like Hula’s Delight, Pineapple Ginger Macadamia Nut, and Honey Papaya Oatmeal. Or you can satisfy your cravings for chocolate with their Kona Coffee Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut, and other chocolate chip-based flavors. Can’t decide between them all? Go with a mixed box to get a taste of all the top flavors.

Although they could definitely stop at cookies alone, they’ve elected to take their fresh-baked deliciousness to the next level by turning them into ice cream sandwiches. To make each one, they put a big scoop of Roselani Ice Cream between two cookies. That’s all it takes. You get to choose the cookie and ice cream flavors if you want, including a different cookie for each side. If you want to keep it simple, select one of their iconic flavor combos instead.

To round out all their offerings, they use their ice cream to make sundaes, floats, milkshakes, and more. Plus, they have all the best flavors of shave ice available. They also brew fresh coffee and tea daily plus have many other delicious drinks on their menu, including smoothies.  

Fan favorites on the menu include:

Hula’s Delight Cookies
The Hula’s Delight Cookies offer all the best island flavors in every bite you take. They make these cookies by infusing their dough with pineapple and mango morsels. Then, they add ground coconut and macadamia nuts before baking each batch to perfection.

Pineapple Dream Ice Cream Sandwich
If you absolutely adore tropical fruit flavors, you’ll want to try the Pineapple Dream Ice Cream Sandwich. To create this delightful treat, they take a big scoop of Maui Pineapple ice cream. Then, they sandwich it between two pineapple, ginger, and mac nut cookies.

Volcano Sundae
When you want to take your ice cream and cookie experience to the next level, go with the Volcano Sundae. This treat begins with a chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie at the bottom of the bowl. Over that, they add a scoop of Vanilla Mac Nut ice cream before drizzling on the chocolate syrup. Whipped cream lands on top after that. Then, it all gets a sprinkle of chopped macadamia nuts and a strawberry drizzle for good measure.

Are you still craving Hula cookies and other delectable delicacies upon returning home? Of course, you are! They’re just that good. Thankfully, whenever you find yourself dreaming of another bite, you can get your fill by shopping for your favorites on their website. They proudly ship all their most popular products to anywhere in the United States. So, once you put in your order, you can expect your items on your doorstep within about a week.

Insider Tips:
-During the holiday months, online order processing times often go beyond 72 hours. Otherwise, you can expect your order to process within 48 hours, excluding holidays and Sundays.  
-Want to bring all their cookie goodness to your next event? Just fill out their “Weddings & Groups Inquiry Form” on their website.