Tin Roof Maui

Tin Roof Maui – Treating Kahului to Hawaiian Comfort Food at Its Finest
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4.5 / 5
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When nothing else will do but Hawaiian comfort food, Tin Roof Maui promises to satisfy your every craving with ease. Driving the popularity of their Kahului eatery is their perfectly fried Pork Belly, flavorful Garlic Shrimp, and many other savory dishes. No one can resist the pull of their Chocolate Birthday Bibingka either, no matter how full they get on all their other offerings.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

A coveted mom and pop shop in Kahului, Tin Roof Maui serves up the finest Hawaiian comfort food around. Their hand-selected island ingredients and exquisite preparations come together beautifully every time, creating photo-worthy dishes that always hit the spot.

At the heart of the operations at Tin Roof Maui is Chef Sheldon Simeon who uses his Hilo, Hawaii, upbringing to handcraft memorable meals from start to finish. He dreams up all the recipes and then brings them to life using the freshest island ingredients available. Their ingredients come from local fishermen, ranchers, farmers, and artisans, so they can serve up the finest dishes each and every day.

To help set the stage for an amazing meal, the Tin Roof Maui eatery has a welcoming vibe and bright, airy aesthetic. Although they don’t have any seats for dining in, they always help everyone feel right at home upon walking through the doors. You do have the option to stand at the window counter and eat, but most guests take their food and run. With Kanaha Beach Park just down the road, it’s easy to find somewhere to dine while enjoying the awesome view.

Since Tin Roof Maui is busy from open to close, get ready to stand in line for your meal. Want to skip the lines and just get to chowing down in style? Order online through their website or give them a call to let them know what you want. They’ll have it ready to go when you get there.

Jet on over to try these items from Tin Roof Maui:

Mochiko Chicken
The Mochiko Chicken packs a powerful punch of flavor in every bite plus a super crisp texture you’re sure to adore. They make this dish the night before by placing chicken thighs in their ginger sake shoyu marinade. The next day, they let the chicken go for a swim in their sweet mochiko batter before frying it twice to pure perfection. After that, the chicken thighs hit the plate along with their mochi crunch dime bag mix. Their housemade su-miso sauce and gochujang aioli goes over top to bring it all together.

Pork Belly
A definite fan favorite, the Pork Belly from Tin Roof Maui is melt-in-your-mouth tender inside with super crispy skin along the outside. They create that fantastic duo of textures by roasting the pork belly until tender, and then deep frying it just prior to serving. To help take all the rich flavors to the next level, they plate it up with tomato onion lomi plus patis vinaigrette. Their coveted 6 Minute Egg lands alongside for the perfect mix of flavors.

Chocolate Birthday Bibingka
If you love chocolate and can’t ever get enough sprinkles, then the Chocolate Birthday Bibingka is right up your alley. This sweet treat is a chocolate mochi cake covered in peanut butter frosting. Then, they make it even more fun by rolling the frosting in plenty of rainbow sprinkles. Although it might not look like a lot at first glance, the rich flavors will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet tooth faster than you might expect.

Need a taste of these comfort foods from Tin Roof Maui upon returning home? Just get their ‘Cook Real Hawai’I’ cookbook by Chef Sheldon himself. Born through a collaboration with Garrett Snyder, this cookbook features all their best recipes, including pork dumplings, charred huli-huli chicken, and wok-fried poke. Although you’ll likely have to look for island-quality ingredients, following the recipes allows you to hold your cravings at bay until you can return to Maui for another taste.

Insider Tips:
-While wholly delicious, the housemade Kimchi at Tin Roof Maui can taste a bit salty. So, plan to offset the salty kick with a side of Ulu Mac Salad.
-Want brown rice instead of white? Just ask and expect an extra charge. You can also upgrade to kale or garlic noodles for a little bit more.
-When ordering Kau Kau Tins, pay the extra fee to add their decadent 6 Minute Egg. It goes great with absolutely everything.