Sugar Beach Bake Shop

Experience True Aloha at Sugar Beach Bake Shop - Maui Lani
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Sugar Beach Bake Shop Maui Lani embodies the spirit of Aloha by providing locals and guests alike access to the rich goodness of freshly baked goods, with locally sourced ingredients, along with featuring delicious and reviving coffee and drinks. It is the ideal place to begin your day as you make your way to the beaches or to stop on your way back before midday. Cool off and enjoy the rich flavors of the island by partaking in their delectable desserts, baked goods, and cool drink options mid-morning. 

- The Local Expert Team

Embodying what it means to present Aloha to all guests, both visitors and locals alike, and deemed the best bakery in all of Maui by past guests, The Sugar Beach Bake Shop- Maui Lani specializes in handcrafted goodies made with the freshest ingredients inspired by local flavors. Each dessert is baked fresh daily and the selection of what is offered is always evolving based on ingredient availability and time of the year. However, certain favorites, like the Hawaiian OMA coffee and the shop’s house-made lemonades are made and served daily, along with several baked offerings. 

Aloha as embodied by this brand stands for A-Akahai: kindness, expressed with tenderness, L- Lokahi: unity, expressed with harmony, O-Oluolu: agreeable, expressed with pleasantness, H-Haahaa: humility expressed with modesty, and A-Ahanui: patience expressed with perseverance. 

In addition to offering each and every guest the spirit of Aloha when they visit the Sugar Beach Bakery, the brand also offers island-inspired treats made with the island’s own ingredients, including Dole pineapples and bananas, Maui Meyer lemon zest, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, and fresh-picked lilikoi. They feature many options of homemade delicacies including malasada, banana bread, super ono pies, breakfast croissants, cookies, quiches, musubi, and fresh-brewed coffee. 

Sugar Beach Bake Shop has been highly rated on Yelp, TripAdvisor, was a Maui Aipono Award Winner in 2017, and was awarded the Best of the Best by Hawaii Magazine. Hours for the Maui shop are open daily from Monday to Saturday from 6 to 12 pm. Closed every Sunday. The sister shop in Kihei has slightly different hours and provides a more lengthy lunchtime. Sugar Beach Bake Shop Maui offers breakfast and snacks, with lots of delicious goodies from which to choose. While the bakery does have some items that could suffice for lunch, they close at 12, so it’s a good idea to stock up early and then take your goodies along with you for the day.

When visiting Sugar Beach Bake Shop, guests say you must try…

This bakery is known for its mouth-watering, delicious malasadas, and consequently, this is a must-try item on the menu. There are various flavors to try, including cream-filled, hot cinnamon sugar, and dried plum. Don’t be late, or these will be sold out!

Banana Bread
Made with locally sourced ingredients, the banana bread is another frequently mentioned favorite of this Maui Bake Shop. Come early to get it hot and delicious!

Key Lime Pie
Another fan favorite is the Sugar Beach Bake Shop’s homemade key lime pie made with only the freshest locally sourced ingredients. This delicious, refreshing dessert is ideal when guests want to cool down after enjoying a hike or visit to the beach. There are other pie options as well, with small individual size availability. 

Refreshing, Homemade Drinks
In addition to the delicious coffee that the shop offers, they also specialize in some of the freshest most refreshing drinks available in the area. Their homemade lemonade and strawberry lemonade are just a few examples. These make ideal drinks to grab on the way back from the beach, just don’t wait too late as this branch of Sugar Beach Bake Shop closes at 12. 

Freshly-Brewed Coffee
As a shop specializing in early morning wake-ups and gearing up for a day of adventure, it simply wouldn’t do to neglect to mention the freshly brewed coffee that is featured at Sugar Beach Bake Shop-Maui Lani. Guests rave about its robust, rich taste that gets them out of bed each morning and onto the day’s outings energized and revived. 

Insider Tips:
-Get to the bakery early for guest-favorite Malasadas as they go quickly once the doors open to guests. Malasada hours are posted as 6-10 am.
-Although not many, the Sugar Beach Bake Shop-Maui Lani does offer some gluten-free items.