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Shaka Pops Maui – Handmade Small-Batch Ice Pops from a Roving Food Trike
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Cool off with small-batch ice pops made with local ingredients and no preservatives from Shaka Pops Maui. Take the chance to enjoy handmade ice pops from this food trike while you can because you cannot find these desserts outside of Maui.

- The Local Expert Team

Ice pops don’t have to only be a treat for kids to cool off from summer heat. Adults can indulge in these desserts, too. Shaka Pops Maui proves that by creating preservative-free ice pops in small batches using local ingredients.

Unlike many other mobile food providers, Shaka Pops Maui serves ice pops from its mobile food trike. The three-wheeled variation on a bicycle allows for extra space and stability for the cooler that holds the ice pops. As with everything Shaka Pops Maui does, the trike attests to the company’s commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles and shrinking carbon footprints. Locally grown ingredients for the ice pops also support the community and area farmers.

The food trike appears throughout the Hana area, and you can find the ice pops at some area supermarkets. Frequent locations for the trike include area festivals and events and weekly at the Maui Swap Meet. Some people even request this trike at their weddings, birthdays, or corporate events as part of the catering.

Flavors of the ice pops come from locally grown fruits. Instead of artificial fruit flavors, you get real frozen fruit and juices in these pops. Shaka Pops Maui has a menu that changes throughout the year on to the seasonal availability of ingredients with some flavors as perennial staples, such as Lava Flow and Passion Orange Guava.

You can also find Limited Edition flavors that change weekly. Previous Limited-Edition flavors have included Coco Hana Banana, Peach Melba, Creamy Horchata, Caramel Pumpkin Spice, Spiked Eggnog, Mac Nut Brownie, Watermelon Mojito, and Tangerine Cream. These special treats often have creative formats. For instance, Peach Melba pops included a vanilla center surrounded by peach and raspberry purees swirled to create a chilly exterior. For the Fourth of July, Shaka Pops Maui makes Red, White, and Blue pops in a variety of designs, one of which even resembled the top of an American flag with a blue field and red and white stripes.

Creativity in the recipes and designs means that Shaka Pops Maui puts a lot of thought into the ice pops they make. To ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the treats, Shaka Pops Maui makes options that have no sugar added or don’t contain dairy products. Some fruit-based ice pops have pieces of fruit in them for extra visual appeal and flavor. Indulgent ice pops may include dairy, coffee, nuts, or chocolate, such as the Limited-Edition Mocha Mac Nut Brownie, which included all those ingredients. Feel free to ask for suggestions if you have specific dietary restrictions.

When you encounter the food trike, check out the available flavors. Popular ice pops to try include:

Passion Orange Guava

Passion Orange Guava, or POG for short, is another of the mainstays of the Shaka Pops Maui menu. This popular combination of Hawaiian fruits also appears as a shave ice flavor. However, the POG bar from Shaka Pops uses real fruit for a difference that you can taste from the first bite. Plus, the extra hard freezing of the ice pops helps them to last a little longer while eating them.

Lava Flow Bar

The Lava Flow bar replicates the popular Hawaiian drink in a non-alcoholic ice pop. This bar marries the flavors of pina coladas and strawberries. The pineapple and coconut cream create the base of the bar. A ripple of strawberry puree from the top of the bar to the center. These bars are favorites among patrons of the food trike for the freshness of ingredients and the perfect melding of flavors.

Coconut Lime

Coconut Lime features both creamy coconut and refreshing lime in one ice pop. Those who ordered it have likened it to a key lime pie on a stick. The coconut’s creamy richness perfectly balances the tangy, tart lime. These ice pops are “to die for,” as one reviewer gushed. Try one for a vegan treat to combat the heat.

Whether you want an indulgent treat, a healthy one, or simply a delicious way to cool off, you’ll find the right ice pop from Shaka Pops Maui.

Insider Tips:
-Follow Shaka Pops Maui on social media to stay updated on the upcoming locations for the food trike. Or stop by the Maui Swap Meet each week.

-Arrive as early as possible at events where Shaka Pops Maui sells its goods. This popular food trike frequently sells out early of many flavors.