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Down the Hatch – Find Fantastic Food, Fun, and Friendship in Lahaina
The Bottom Line:

Want to see what happens when the Hawaiian classics get a southern kick? Just take a moment to stop in for a bite to eat at Down the Hatch in Lahaina. Live music, karaoke, and other weekly activities bring on the fun and friendship as well, allowing you to enjoy all the best things in life in one spot.

- The Local Expert Team

In 2015, three friends from Georgia ran with their vision of the perfect Hawaiian-Southern fusion eatery – and Down the Hatch was born. Set in Lahaina, this popular eatery takes every visitor on a memorable culinary journey with their imaginative dishes. Their approach starts with all the Hawaiian classics, like loco moco, poke, and kalua pig plate lunches. Then, they kick them up a notch with bold Southern flavors to remember.

Although it might seem a bit blasphemous, once you get a taste, you’ll totally understand why it works. Their spin on the loco moco, for example, just adds cheese and home fries to the mix and subs in country gravy. Their kalua pig plate lunch centers around a southwestern spice rub that fires up the pork just right.

They could definitely just leave it at that and stay plenty popular, but they have a secret weapon. At the center of all their wild successes lies their phenomenal Lava Lava Sauce. A simple yet deadly delicious housemade spicy tangy aioli, this sauce dresses up their shrimp, sweet potato tacos, and so much more. Once visitors get a taste, they need it on everything, so they’ve decided to sell it by the jar as well.

Even if you’re not craving Hawaiian-Southern fusion goodness, their drink menu is well worth a visit all on its own. From tiki cocktails and mules to draft beer and wine, they definitely have it all. If you prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, they’re happy to whip up one of their flavorful mocktails, like the Orange Dreamsicle. You can also get a smoothie instead in bright flavors like passionfruit and mango. 

Remember to sample their:

Breakfast Nachos
To kickstart your day in an instant, treat yourself to the Breakfast Nachos. This decadent meal begins with a huge pile of crispy home fries. Over that, they add melted cheese, chorizo, sausage gravy, bacon, green onions, and a sunny side-up egg. Want to take it to the next level? Add on crispy pork belly for an extra charge.

Mermaid Tenders
The Mermaid Tenders promise to take you on a wild ride of cheesy, zesty deliciousness. This lunchtime favorite starts with chicken tenders done right. Over that, they pour on their homemade cheese sauce and their ever-popular Lava Lava Sauce. Then, they sprinkle bacon and green onions over top before adding a drizzle of ranch.

Lobster & Crab Stuffed Grilled Cheese
For a flavor experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, go with the Lobster & Crab Stuffed Grilled Cheese. They make this dish by putting creamy butter sauce all over a piece of Hawaiian sweet bread. Once that goes on the grill, they add cheese, lobster, lump crab, tomatoes, cabbage, and Lava Lava Sauce. The whole lot gets another piece of butter sauce smothered Hawaiian sweet bread on top. Once it’s grilled to a perfect golden brown, this tasty sammie lands on the plate alongside a serving of fries.

For discounts on drinks plus plenty of amazing entertainment, swing by from 2 pm to 5 pm for their live music happy hour. Well-known as the longest happy hour on Maui, this daily extravaganza allows you to save big on draft beer, well cocktails, and all the fan favorites, like Mai Tais and Pina Coladas. The live music acts come on stage soon after the deals roll out and play until the end of happy hour. Then, even more musicians join the fun from 8 pm to 10 pm each night. 

Insider Tips:
-Need a tasty gluten-free meal? Ask them to sub in their gluten-free handmade corn tortillas while making your tacos. Or go with a gluten-free bun for your burger.
-Expect to see a 2% kitchen gratuity added to all the checks. Feel free to add a tip on top for your server if you honor their quality service.
-Although they don’t serve dessert, they do collaborate with the shave ice stand next door. Bring your DTH receipt over to the stand after your meal for 15% off your shave ice order.
-You can have the team cater your next event and impress all your guests with their delicious food and drinks. Just ask them for the details.