What Ales You

The Bottom Line:

At What Ales You, it’s all about good food, tasty drinks, and endless fun for everyone. They’re the original taphouse, wine bar, and gastropub in Maui, too, making it a must-see attraction in between your island adventures. Don’t forget to check when they’re playing live music, so you can enjoy dinner and a show in paradise.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Excellent food and drinks pair beautifully with great times for all at What Ales You in Maui, HI. Well-known as the island’s first taphouse, wine bar, and gastropub all-in-one, this popular venue brings people in from far and wide all day and well into the evening. Live music adds to the magic, making it the place to go in between all your adventures in paradise.

To enjoy all of What Ales You has to offer, just head over to Kalama Park in Kihei. From there, you just have to cross the street and you’ll land at their front door. Their crew will throw plenty of alohas your way as you waltz in, and then invite you to find a table of your choice. You’re welcome to eat inside at the bar and watch sports, chat with the bartender, and make fast friends with your fellow diners.

If you’d like a private table, there are plenty inside, but their covered patio is a truly serene spot for dining excellence. Cozy bright red seating, mood lighting, and fresh air right off the oceanfront set the stage for an amazing meal—or just drinks and snacks if you wish. After getting settled, your server will come over with menus and an overview of the specials.

You can start with a drink by choosing between their 20 frosty brews on tap or browsing the wine list. If you want something a little different, they also have hard seltzer, canned cocktails, and sake. For a non-alcoholic beverage to remember, go with the Maui Brewing Co. Root Beer, for sure. Want to reap the rewards of staying on a healthy kick at What Ales You? Get the Vitali Tea Kombucha for a natural energy boost, immune support, and many other benefits.

After getting your drinks sorted, you can turn your attention to their smorgasbord of decadent gastropub fare. Every dish that comes out of their kitchen has an imaginative spin and bright, bold flavors to match. Read the ingredients lists carefully to see all the special touches put into each one. Even their bratwurst gets the celebrity treatment and features tasty goodness like mango chutney, grilled onions, and stone-ground mustard.  

Satisfy your cravings with these menu favorites at What Ales You:

Available in three bold flavors, the Wings are the way to go when you want to kick off your meal just right. The chef expertly prepares this starter by frying up the wings until crispy yet juicy. Then, they toss them in your preferred sauce. The options are buffalo, barbeque, and kimchee, but really, you should get all three. Carrot and celery sticks come alongside.

Dragon Brat
The Dragon Brat features an exquisite blend of flavors that will have you singing its praises all around town. To create this masterpiece, the chef grills the bratwurst and puts it on a robust bun. Over that, they add tomatoes, jalapenos, goat cheese, and fried cheese. Honey sriracha goes over it all at the end to bring the flavors together.

Wild West Burger
When you’re craving BBQ, there’s perhaps nothing better than the Wild West Burger. This delightful dish starts with a perfectly grilled beef patty with cheese put on a brioche bun. Once that’s ready to go, they kick the flavors up a notch by adding crispy bacon, onion rings, and a generous dollop of barbecue sauce. Get yours with a basket of onion rings to create a full meal. 

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are truly special occasions at this pub. That’s because they roll out the specials on food and drinks on those days and then pair their offerings with live music to boot. On Tuesdays, you can get tacos at a discount while listening to punk rock. Wednesdays are all about wings, while Fridays put the focus on burgers and brews.

Insider Tips:
-Check the board before entering What Ales You to see what specials are on tap that day.
-The venue can feel quite loud when live music plays, so plan to come by earlier in the day if you want a quieter experience.
-Want to share your love for this restaurant wherever you go? Ask about their hats, t-shirts, and other swag.