Coconut’s Fish Cafe – Azeka Shopping Center

Coconut's Fish Cafe – Serving Health-Conscious Fish and More with Lots of Aloha in Kihei
The Bottom Line:

Coconut’s Fish Café proudly serves up health-conscious fish and more while letting their bright aloha spirit shine through in all they do. Take-out is available, but you’d miss the chance to eat at their stunning surfboard tables and enjoy the good vibes in their Kihei eatery. Either way, expect to stand in line before ordering and sit through another long wait before your food arrives.

- The Local Expert Team

Whenever you’re in the mood for ultra-fresh fish, you can count on Coconut’s Fish Café to satisfy all your cravings. Both health-conscious and eco-friendly, this casual Kihei eatery serves up seafood and more that you can truly feel good about enjoying.

All their fish is wild-caught from local sources, of course. And just as much care goes into finding sustainable meat, produce, and other ingredients. Plus, they only use Earth-friendly products and even recycle their cooking oil into biofuel once it’s finished creating delicious meals.

On top of that, their simple preparations keep them from loading on the calories without compromising on the flavor. Although their grilled selections are where it’s at, their breaded fish never feels too heavy, even if you overindulge.

As the name implies, seafood is the name of the game, but that doesn’t mean they leave anyone out. Grilled chicken, hamburgers, and even quesadillas perfectly fill out their offerings. Plus, they have many flavorful meatless items, like their popular Veggie Burger and Veggie Tacos. If you’d like to go all out, get their Taco Mountain, featuring coconut milk coleslaw, tomatoes, red salsa, mango salsa, and a veggie patty over brown rice.

No matter what you order, you can either take your food to go or dine in. The stunningly beautiful surfboard tables in their dining room are worth enjoying at least once. Plus, if you dine in the restaurant, you get to enjoy the chill vibe while noshing on your selections. Just be prepared to get your own drinks, cutlery, and napkins as it’s a casual restaurant through and through. When your food is ready, your server will bring it out to you, but that’s about as far as their table service goes.

Come by for a taste of the:

Volcano Your Fries
If fries are your jam, elevate the experience by choosing to Volcano Your Fries. With that option, your order of fries gets a blast of spicy sriracha aioli plus a generous sprinkle of furikake. Pair them with a side of lightly beer-battered onion rings for the best of both worlds.

Seafood Pasta
The Seafood Pasta is always out of this world delicious with its bright ocean flavors paired with a rich, flavorful sauce. You’ll need to choose between their creamy alfredo and red tomato sauce when you order. After that, they’ll get to work on mixing up al dente pasta with onions, mushrooms, garlic, capers, and your sauce of choice. Then, ono, mahi-mahi, and shrimp land on top along with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and garlic bread on the side.

Fish Tacos
Always a classic choice, the Fish Tacos promise to exceed your every expectation from the first bite to the very last. Each order of tacos always starts with two white corn tortillas. To that perfect base, they add their ultra-fresh fish plus 17 other ingredients, like coleslaw, mango salsa, and cheese. If you’d like a spicy kick as well, ask them to add South of the Border sauce for an extra charge.

Want to take your meal to the next level? Consider pairing your selections with a cold glass of beer or wine. If you prefer to keep it alcohol-free, they have plenty of soda options plus iced tea. Just remember that they do not offer refills on any of their drinks, so be sure to savor your selections. Or get ready to shell out the big bucks for each drink you sip down.

Insider Tips:
-Expect to see an extra $0.50 fee for each to-go item on your bill.
-If you spend more than $100, they’ll automatically add a 10% gratuity to the total. If your server left you feeling wowed, feel free to add more to compensate them accordingly.