My Thai Maui

My Thai Maui – A Mom and Pop Shop with the Tastiest Thai Around in Kahului
Local Expert's Rating:
5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

For truly authentic Thai food served with flair, scoot over to My Thai Maui whenever you get a chance. Located near the airport in Kahului, this hidden gem infuses every dish with incredible flavor and then serves them up in huge portions. The open-air ambiance is second-to-none and their friendly service never fails to delight.

- The Local Expert Team

When you need to satisfy your cravings for authentic Thai food, just look to My Thai Maui for all the best dishes around. Set right by the airport in Kahului, this local treasure makes it easy to get your fill of Tom Kha Soup, Pad Thai, and everything in between. They even go beyond classic Thai flavors with their decadent Bao Buns filled with chicken, tofu, and seafood galore.

All their dishes come in huge portions, making it easy to order for the table to share. You can always order just for yourself, of course, but that would mean missing out on trying several dishes at each visit. With so many amazing things on the menu, it definitely makes sense to spread your wings and attempt to try all you can. You can come back for lunch and dinner anytime you’re on the island, however, so there’s no hurry.

While you could get a taste of your preferred selections by ordering takeout or delivery, dining in the house is where it’s at. Their open-air eatery boasts a unique industrial aesthetic that you have to see to believe. The funky décor brings everything together beautifully, while their friendly service will make you feel like part of the family in an instant.

Although they do not serve any alcoholic beverages onsite, you’re welcome to BYOB. You can only bring wine or beer, however, and will likely need to show your ID. If you’d like to keep it alcohol-free, they have a bunch of lovely beverages on their menu, including delightful Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Shaka Tea Hawai’i, and Italian mocktails from Fonti Di Crodo.

Their most popular items include:

Thai Coconut Shrimp
For all the best seafood flavors enveloped in a sweet breading, start your meal off with the Thai Coconut Shrimp. To make this starter, they butterfly cut the fresh jumbo shrimp and then hand bread them in shredded coconut. After that, the breaded shrimp take a swim in the fryer before landing on your plate with Thai chili sauce for dipping.

Crying Tiger
If nothing else will do but pure surf and turf goodness, treat yourself to the Crying Tiger. This exquisite dish features a 12-ounce USDA Choice Black Angus New York steak grilled up to your perfect level of doneness. To that, they add Dad’s Diver Scallops and Black Tiger Prawns. Balancing out all the rich, meaty flavors is their fresh papaya salad and a big scoop of white rice. 

Lobster Bao Buns
When you want pure decadence in every bite, the Lobster Bao Buns is the way to go. They create this fan-favorite by creating their dough by hand and steaming them to perfection. Once they’re done, they add perfectly prepared Maine lobster claw and knuckle meat to the buns. Green onion and cilantro pile on next followed by spicy aioli and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Not quite incredible enough for you? Go all out by getting wild-caught black caviar from Iceland put over the top.    

If you accidentally fall in love with the Crying Tiger steak sauce, ask to buy it by the bottle. They also sell bottles of their chili fish sauce, peanut sauce, and seafood chili dipping sauce. Need them all? Buy the four-bottle gift set. You won’t regret having them on hand for whenever your dishes need a little extra kick.

Insider Tips:
-Want awesome specials? Ask about their all-day happy hour menu.
-They take their spice levels seriously. So, only go with the hottest if you’re sure you can handle the heat.
-When serving takeout, they only provide chopsticks, utensils, and other gear upon request.