Crema Maui

Crema Maui – Savor Tasty Drinks and Good Eats in a Super Cute Trolley Café
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4 / 5
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Have you ever enjoyed upscale espresso drinks from an ultra-cute trolley café? If the answer is no, it’s about time you visited Crema Maui. At this sweet little Upcountry shop, you’re bound to find your favorite brews, all made using the freshest organic ingredients on the island.

- The Local Expert Team

When nothing else will do but hand-crafted espresso, Crema Maui is the place to go in Upcountry Maui. Although they’ve undergone many transformations, this coffee shop has never strayed from its mission: to serve high-quality coffee made from all organic ingredients. Nowadays, they’re serving up cup after cup out of their super cute trolley café, but their journey began quite differently.

In 2019, Crema Maui began as a boutique espresso catering company, bringing its unique coffee blends to private events all over the island. Their dedication to quality and the art of coffee-making quickly made them a fan favorite. However, as the world changed soon after, they had to pivot, creating bottled brews for delivery across Maui.

Many people were grateful to continue to enjoy the exceptional drinks despite the restrictions on travel and gatherings. With their support, the crew opened a small cafe in Marlow Pizza Restaurant. After a year there, they were able to spread their wings and take off on their next venture.   

The trolley café came as a delightful surprise as things returned to normalcy. It’s situated in the heart of Upcountry, radiating endless vintage charm that beckons people through the doors. As soon as you arrive inside, you’ll instantly notice how the minimalist design is the perfect backdrop for coffee excellence. Then, you’ll get a hearty aloha from the crew and an invitation to order whatever calls your name.

Their coffee drinks are a must, made using a high-quality espresso maker and the best island ingredients. They have all the most popular drinks on their menu, such as cortados, lattes, and mochas. If that’s not what you’re in the mood for, they have many other specialty beverages, including Golden Milk, Chai Tea Lattes, and everything in between.

If you’re feeling a bit peckish during your visit, you’ll love to hear that this shop also has a variety of tasty snacks. Bagels with cream cheese, thumbprint cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and croissants fill the air with the smell of fresh baked goods, instantly whetting your appetite with the first whiff. Their crew will even whip you up a fresh Frittata if you need something more substantial to start your day.

Fan favorites st Crema Maui include:

Fireside Mocha
The Fireside Mocha promises to warm your belly right after tantalizing your tastebuds. This drink starts with an expertly crafted mocha featuring dark chocolate and macadamia nut flavors. Then, to add a kick, it gets plenty of cinnamon and a dash of cayenne pepper to finish it off.

Saffron Latte
When you’re in the mood for complex flavors, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to the Saffron Latte. This beverage starts with The Fullest Saffron Tea Powder, featuring saffron and cardamom flavors. After that, it’s elevated further with coconut milk powder and a dollop of honey.

Breakfast Sandwich
If you arrived with a big appetite, fuel up for the day by ordering a Breakfast Sandwich. This dish begins with homemade sourdough English muffins, toasted and buttered. To that, they add a freshly cooked organic egg and sausage topped with cheddar cheese. A tomato compote goes over the top before the bun lands on it all to complete this handheld meal.

Once you get your selections, you’re welcome to cozy up to a table indoors. But there’s a lot more room to stretch your legs in their outdoor seating area. On a nice day, it’s the perfect spot to catch the ocean breeze and enjoy the sunshine while you dine in style.

Insider Tips:
-Want catering for your next big event? Surprise! The team still offers catering services for private events. Just contact the owners, and they’ll help you get on the schedule.
-There are usually a few adorable retail items for sale near the front door, including live plants and handmade goods.
-The outdoor seating area does not have any shade. If you need to go somewhere shady, take your drinks and then travel to a nearby park to sip your selections under the tree canopy.