Huihui – Enjoy Delightful Island Cuisine, Phenomenal Views, and Live Music, Too
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

For a truly memorable open-air dining experience on Kaanapali Beach, plan a visit to Huihui. Their innovative island cuisine always hits the spot, while their full bar lets you take your meal to the next level. Friendly service and live entertainment complete their offerings, making it a very popular spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Lahaina.

- The Local Expert Team

Created in honor of the original Polynesian voyagers, Huihui aims to bring people together through creative island cuisine. They center many of their dishes around ingredients from the sea to pay homage to the voyagers. Then, they bring traditional recipes up to speed with modern-day practices, creating a fusion of flavors and presentations all their own. The results are phenomenal, too, and brings in people from all over Lahaina and beyond on a daily.

Although their innovative island cuisine is reason enough to visit all on its own, they don’t end there. On top of their full menu of deliciousness, they operate a full bar all day long. You can get bright Mimosas alongside your breakfast, for example. Or go with beer, wine by the glass, or specialty cocktails later in the day. You can even come in just to sidle up to the bar for happy hour and enjoy all their most popular drinks at a discount.

No matter when you come through the doors, their open-air eatery will undoubtedly leave you wholly impressed. Inside, you’ll find a swanky dining room equipped with cozy seating, soft lighting, and attractive accents everywhere you look. Then, to take advantage of their prime location on Kaanapali Beach, their dining room spills outside on the patio, too. The outdoor seating gives you unobstructed views of the oceanside, which sits perfectly framed by the swaying palm trees all around.

If the ocean views do not keep you well entertained, the live music and hula performances definitely will. Local talent streams through the doors all day in hopes of delighting the crowds with their talents. The fun starts at 2 pm and runs until 8:30 pm with a small break in between. The hula show starts at 6:30 pm each night and goes on for at least one hour.

Their top menu items are:

Poi French Toast
For a breakfast fusion experience unlike any other, try the Poi French Toast. They create this iconic combo by first baking up their incredible mashed taro sweet bread. Then, they slice it up, dip each slice in batter, and then fry them until golden brown. Vanilla custard joins the party at the end along with your topping of choice. They have maple and coconut syrup or their ever-popular purple yam sauce.

Ahi “Mac & Cheese”
Whenever you’re craving comfort food made with a twist, treat yourself to the Ahi “Mac & Cheese.” This dish starts with their creamy herb and parmesan sauce, which gets mushrooms, peas, and penne pasta mixed in. While that simmers, they grill the ahi until perfectly flaky, and then add it to the pasta. Over the top, they add furikake, tobiko, and crushed potato chips to bring the flavors together even more.

Fish Lawalu
The Fish Lawalu promises to tantalize your tastebuds while giving you a look into the world of traditional Hawaiian cooking. They create this entrée by wrapping fresh fish in a banana leaf, and then grilling it until tender. Then, the bold seafood flavors get elevated even more by the addition of fiddle fern, seaweed relish, creamy abalone sauce, and cilantro.  

For a refreshing drink and dessert all-in-one, order one of their mocktails. Their talented bartenders make each one using fresh, local ingredients and a whole lot of flair. All their options are just as good as the last, but their Yuzu Mint Refresher is a can’t miss beverage experience. To build this fan favorite, they start with sparkling yuzu citrus, and then add lilikoi mango juice plus just the right amount of fresh mint.

Insider Tips:
-Stop by between 2 pm and 4 pm to enjoy happy hour specials in the bar and lounge area.
-Spend at least $25 during your visit to the restaurant and they’ll validate your parking.
-To celebrate your next special occasion in style, ask about their private dining room.
-On their menu, you’ll find gluten-free, vegetarian, and gluten-free/vegetarian fare all marked with distinct symbols. Not sure what you’re looking at? Just ask your server for more details.