Tiki Tiki Thai Cuisine

Savor Authentic Thai Cuisine from Tiki Tiki Thai in Kahului
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4 / 5
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Get flavorful, authentic Thai food at Tiki Tiki Thai. You’ll dine in a beautifully decorated restaurant with a convenient location near the Kahului Airport. A large menu with dozens of options gives you innumerable dishes to satisfy your taste for Thai.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Stop by Tiki Tiki Thai for a taste of authentic Thai cuisine. Located conveniently near the Kahului Airport, this restaurant features a full menu of Thai favorites made with local produce and herbs from the owners’ garden. Taste local ingredients prepared with care.

In 1999, a trio of sisters from Thailand had a common dream to start a restaurant. They opened their first location in Lahaina. Later, they established Tiki Tiki Thai in Kahului. Their restaurant endeavors allow the trio to bring the flavors of their homeland made with local Hawaiian ingredients to their diners. In fact, one of the owners has a garden where she grows the herbs used at Tiki Tiki Thai.

The unassuming location in a shopping strip center belies the colorful decor and cozy accommodations that you’ll find inside. Equally magnificent are the options on the menu and the flavors of the food.

The extensive menu at Tiki Tiki Thai uses a common spice level for foods to ensure maximum flavor without overwhelming most palettes. Hence, you won’t have spice levels to choose from when ordering. You will have options that range from a myriad of curries, noodle dishes, salads, soups, fried rice, and other entrees. Plus, vegetarians can request tofu as a protein to enjoy the range of dishes.

If you’ve never had Thai food before, don’t worry. The menu has clear descriptions of everything on it, so you will know exactly what you are ordering, whether a newbie to Thai food or a connoisseur of the cuisine.

Consider ordering the following when you visit Tiki Tiki Thai:

Crab Rangoon
Start your meal with an appetizer of Crab Rangoon. This dish uses imitation crab and herbed cream cheese surrounded by a wonton wrapper. Each wrapped piece goes into a deep fryer to produce the crispy, savory puffs filled with a creamy interior. Plum sauce comes on the side for dipping. Crab Rangoon ranks among the favorite appetizers of those who have tried it at Tiki Tiki Thai.

Thai Iced Tea
Cool off your palette from the spices in your meal with Thai Iced Tea. This spiced iced tea comes sweetened. To add richness and creaminess, the tea comes finished with sweetened condensed milk. The milk helps to mellow the fire in your mouth after enjoying spicy foods while balancing the taste of the strong black tea. This is the perfect drink to pair with your meal at Tiki Tiki Thai.

Crying Tiger Steak Salad
Listed under salads, the Crying Tiger Steak Salad is not your typical pile of lettuce and tomatoes. This dish starts with an entrée-sized portion of New York steak cut into strips. During cooking, a Thai herb marinade infuses the meat with flavor. While you can request the level of doneness for your steak, the kitchen recommends medium-rare. A special Thai sauce comes with the steak. This sauce is so good that some diners have said it should be sold by the bottle. Order a side of rice to soak up extra sauce, round out the meal, and offset the spiciness of the sauce.

Mango Sticky Rice
Finish off your meal with Mango Sticky Rice. Sweetened sticky rice infused with coconut milk creates the base of the dish. Imagine a tropically flavored rice pudding with refreshing mango slices on the side. This sweet, creamy, addictive treat is a must for closing off your meal with a more authentic flavor.

Tiki Tiki Thai makes a great spot for authentic Thai food near the Kahului Airport. Stop by for to-go or in-person dining to enjoy your favorite dishes or try new ones.

Insider Tips:
-Located in a busy strip center, there is a large parking area, but when the stores are busiest, you may have trouble finding a close spot.
-Rice does not automatically come with curries. Don’t forget to order your rice separately when getting one of the curries from here. Choose from steamed, brown, or sticky rice.
-Make this your Thai food stop on the way to or from the nearby Kahului Airport.