Fleetwood’s on Front St.

Fleetwood's On Front St. – Go Your Own Way with a Scrumptious Meal and Drinks in Lahaina
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4 / 5
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Well-known as the place to Go Your Own Way, Fleetwood’s On Front St. always serves up meals to remember. Their multi-level venue offers a little something for everyone whether you’re looking to dance the night away or enjoy a romantic dinner. No matter what you seek, swing by for the sunset ceremony at least once for an unforgettable view of the island magic. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

At Fleetwood’s On Front St., they go all out in serving memorable meals complete with live music, fantastic views, and good times for all. Owned by the famous Mick Fleetwood, this Lahaina eatery features multiple levels that let you choose your own adventure.

An exquisitely designed dining room sprawls across their main floor, while the top floor has live music and a full bar for your pure enjoyment. On the bottom floor, you can explore a full gallery of rock music memorabilia, including a stunning array of prints featuring the most popular artists. They’re also the only place around with a rooftop dining area that offers open views of the West Maui Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

As you can probably imagine, the sunset dining experience on the rooftop is definitely where it’s at. They even roll out a special sunset ceremony each day to mark the occasion. During that ceremony, a bagpipe extraordinaire serenades the crowd to the tune of Queen’s fabulous hit, “We Will Rock You.” You simply have to hear it for yourself to believe it.  

All the fanfare alone is well worth the visit, but the real magic awaits when your food and drinks arrive at the table. Everything is made using fresh, local ingredients and truly imaginative recipes. On top of that, they use artistic plating presentations that promise to leave you wholly impressed.

With a full bar in-house, you can count on them serving up whatever drinks suit your fancy. They have specialty tropical cocktails galore, of course, plus high-end wine, craft brew, and so much more. So, feel free to let your server know what you’d like, and they’ll make it happen. They’ll also come around at all the right times to bring out whatever else you need to enjoy the best dining experience around.

Their most popular items:

If you love to explore the possibilities with wild and crazy daydreams, take your tastebuds on a journey of their own with their house specialty, the Dreams cocktail. This drink features a warm base of Old Lahaina Rum that’s taken to the next level with Ocean Spray Cranberry juice. To get the bubbles going, they add a splash of ginger ale, and then brighten up the flavors even more with fresh lime juice.

Beer Steamed Mussels
The Beer Steamed Mussels always serve as a fantastic way to kickstart your meal. With your order, you’ll get fresh black mussels steamed in local beer until perfectly done. Then, they’ll come to your table with coconut curry and focaccia bread to balance the fresh ocean flavors.  

Go Your Own Way
For a three-course meal to remember, simply Go Your Own Way. With that, you get to choose between two options each for your starter, entrée, and dessert. The starter options include the Little House Greens and Coconut Curry Coconut Soup. For the entrée, you can get either the Fresh Catch Fish or Flat Iron Steak. Then, to finish it all up, choose between the Pineapple Pie and Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee.

Dessert is a must whether you’re just coming in for drinks or enjoying a full meal on the rooftop. Their West Side Cheesecake is a definite fan favorite with rich dark chocolate, coconut, and Baileys Irish Cream flavors. If you prefer a tropical kick, go with the Maui Pineapple Pie instead. Made with the finest local pineapple, this pie has just the right balance of tart and sweet flavors.

Insider Tips:
-Come by for happy hour from 3 pm to 5 pm each day. During that time, you can order off their special lunch menu and enjoy half-price drinks.
-Want to dine on the rooftop at sunset? Well, then you had better make your reservations well in advance to get the chance. Ask for a rooftop railing table for the absolute best views in the house.
-Although they have multiple floors in their venue, it’s all wheelchair accessible. Just take the elevator from the main floor up to your desired spot in the restaurant.
-For a truly unique dining experience, book a spot during Valentine’s Day or other special occasions. They regularly roll out a special menu for those moments, so it’s well worth checking out.