Taverna Maui

Taverna - A Transformation of Fine Dining Into Fine Art
The Bottom Line:

Taverna offers a fine-dining experience worthy of posting on your social media. The meals are as artistic as they are delicious, and the views are just as picture-worthy. Come for good food in an elegant setting, and order a second drink to linger over as you enjoy the atmosphere and company.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Taverna transforms fine dining into fine art. You’ll want to take pictures of both the meals and the views and then linger over one of the hand-selected adult beverages.

The dinner menu at Taverna offers a wide variety of small plates, pasta, seafood, meats, and wood-oven pizzas. Go with the classic Italian Spaghetti Carbonara (spaghetti with pancetta, egg, and other riches), or get something from the sea — the Pesce del Giorno offers some of the freshest daily catches from the sea. If you’re more of a landlubber, the pork chop, chicken breast, and carnivore pizza are just as good.

Should you come for weekend brunch at Taverna, the menu will be different yet still delightful. Quiche, Lobster Benedict, and Mushroom Polenta lead off the more savory dishes, and there’s Custard French Toast, Pancakes, or Daily Baked Mango Bread if you have more of a sweet tooth. These can be complemented by any of the libations from the extensive drink menu, which are all hand-selected.

For adult beverages, the tavern has no shortage of cocktails, local craft beers, and Italian wines. Unless you have a known favorite, as your server to recommend something in a preferred category.

Prices at Taverna aren’t inexpensive, but they offer good value for fine dining in Hawaii. Be prepared to spend anywhere from a few dollars to a minor fortune for your favorite adult libation. The wood-oven pizzas are one of the best bargains if you’re somewhat on a budget.

A few of our favorite menu items at Taverna include:

Pesco del Giorno
The day’s fresh catch paired with prawns. The seafood feast comes with a mushroom-lima bean sauce that’s surprisingly good, and rosemary-garlic asparagus is on the side to round out the plate.

A vegetarian delight, the Biana wood-fired pizza is loaded with vegetables. The kabocha squash, potato, mushrooms, and arugula practically make the gorgonzola underneath impossible to see. It is there, though, and it goes wonderfully with the balsamic syrup dressing.

Gelato is always worth ordering, and doubly so when it’s house-made. Choose the vanilla if you want a classic flavor, or ask for the stracciatella if you want some chocolate mix-ins.

Daily Baked Mango Bread
Pair whatever brunch food you get with an order of the Daily Baked Mango Bread. Sweet, warm and soft, this is a veritable dessert that’s acceptable to eat mid-meal.

Seasonal Cocktail
What seasonal cocktails are on the menu at Taverna will depend on when you visit. There are always a couple, however, and either is worth trying. Get one with dinner and one afterward, if you can’t decide.

Fine dining always includes fine food. At Taverna, the food is presented by art and surrounded by picturesque views. Come for the food, and linger over a beverage as you admire.

Insider Tip:
Enjoy golf? Schedule an afternoon tea time at the adjacent course, and make your dinner reservations for the evening. Get a drink from the bar if your timing is a little off.