Maui Gelato and Waffles

Maui Gelato and Waffles – Where to Get Artisan Sweet Treats of All Kinds in Kihei
The Bottom Line:

Maui Gelato and Waffles is always ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with artisan desserts to remember. Set near Kamaole Beach Park I in Kihei, this cozy shop has gelato, Roselani ice cream, shave ice, and so much more. Although their frozen treats steal the spotlight, don’t forget to try their fully loaded Belgian waffles.

- The Local Expert Team

When you need to stop your sugar cravings in their tracks, just head on over to Maui Gelato and Waffles. This cozy shop sits right across the street from Kamaole Beach Park I in Kihei, making it easy to get your sweet treats and hit the road. There’s a little something for everybody on their menu, too, so you can always get your fill.

As their name implies, the gelato and other frozen treats serve as the star of the show. The artisan gelato is out of this world delicious all on its own. The flavors range from Mint Cookie to Avocado – many of which are even dairy-free. If you prefer ice cream, they carry all the most popular flavors from Roselani.

When a simple ice cream treat just won’t do, take it to the next level by getting the full shave ice experience. Although you could definitely just get a heaping mound of shave ice covered in syrup, it’s even better with either gelato or ice cream in the middle. Just don’t forget the creamy coconut cap over top to bring it all together.

If you’re not really in the mood for frozen treats, go with a fully loaded Belgian Waffle instead. You could get yours plain, but why do that when you could have it topped with all the best flavors around? Their imaginative waffle options come completely covered in tropical fruit, chocolate, and so much more. The menu board changes often, too, so you never know what new creations you’ll encounter at every visit.

You cannot go wrong with the:

Lava Flow Shave Ice
When you simply cannot decide between all the awesome shave ice flavor combos, do yourself a favor and get the Lava Flow Shave Ice. This sweet treat features strawberry, pineapple, and coconut syrups over a light and fluffy pile of shave ice. If you’d like to take it to the next level, ask them to go ahead and add a scoop of Haupia ice cream underneath.

Warm Brookie Sundae
All of their sundae creations are pure perfection, but it’s the Warm Brookie Sundae that’s good enough to write home about. This delicious dessert begins with a warm Brookie bar, which is just ½ brownie and ½ cookie. Over that, they add your ice cream flavor of choice plus hot fudge, whipped cream, and nuts.

Tropical Trio Belgian Waffles
If you’re looking to enjoy all the best island flavors in every last bite, go with the Tropical Trio Belgian Waffles. To create this popular dish, they prepare two decadent Belgian waffles. Then, they drizzle on the haupia syrup and layer pineapple, bananas, and strawberries over top. A big dollop of whipped cream follows as the perfect finishing touch. 

Once you get your selections, take them right across the road to Kamaole Beach Park I. You can grab a spot on the grass or sit right on the sandy shores to enjoy the view while enjoying your sweet treats. There are even a couple of benches here and there if you prefer. There’s a lifeguard on duty more often than not, so feel free to go for a swim to shake off all that delicious sugar.

Insider Tips:
-When bad weather arises, they often close their doors early if they open at all for the day. When that happens, an announcement goes out on their Facebook page.
-Feel free to write a message on the chalkboard during your visit. Then, share your creation far and wide on social media while tagging the shop.
-If you need to skip the wheat, request a gluten-free waffle cone. They have a separate waffle cone maker just for their wheat-free fare.
-The flavors made with real fruit juice have a heart next to them.