The Maui Cookie Lady

Get Gourmet Cookies in Makawao from the Retail Shop for the Famous The Maui Cookie Lady
The Bottom Line:

Don’t miss your chance to get treats from The Maui Cookie Lady retail store. These famous cookies use local ingredients to create treats that truly give you a taste of Hawaii. When in Makawao, satisfy your sweet tooth in the best way with cookies from The Maui Cookie Lady.

- The Local Expert Team

Once only selling cookies online, The Maui Cookie Lady now has a retail shop in Makawao where you can get the same gourmet cookies and treats in person.

You may have already heard about The Maui Cookie Lady, even if you’ve never been to Hawaii. This business has already received numerous accolades from several media outlets. For example, Food Network named it one of seven women-owned businesses they love. Taste of Home magazine ranked the cookies as among their top ten. Other places that have featured The Maui Cookie Lady include Conde Nast Traveler, Hawaii Magazine, Bella Magazine, Men’s Health, Entrepreneur, “O” The Oprah Magazine, Rachel Ray Everyday, Good Morning America, and US Weekly.

The retail shop for The Maui Cookie Lady includes other locally made treats, such as ice cream, caramel apples, flavored popcorn, and much more. These desserts come from other small businesses in Hawaii and have the same level of care in their creation as the cookies from The Maui Cookie Lady.

What makes The Maui Cookie Lady’s cookies so special? The secret comes from premium ingredients and small-batch baking. Local ingredients include everything from Hawaiian sea salt to Maui Gold pineapple. These highly flavorful ingredients bring bolder tastes to the cookies while supporting local businesses. The commercial bakery for the retail store and online sales is nearby, so the cookies have the freshest flavor possible.

Most bakeries prepare single-serving cookies. The Maui Cookie Lady creates miniature cookie cakes to feed three people – or one very hungry person. These giant cookies have puffy textures and come filled with surprising and flavorful additions. For example, some of the cookies for adults use beer or coffee to enhance the bold taste of the treats. Other cookies have more traditional flavors, such as chocolate chips, peanut butter, or nuts.

If you cannot choose among the many cookie flavors available at the retail shop, try one of the following fan favorites:

Da Half Baked
Da Half Baked cookie is the dessert to have when you want a giant cookie filled with treats. This cookie starts off as a chocolate chip cookie. However, it holds surprises inside. Cut one of these cookies in half, and you will find a whole Oreo cookie and Reese’s peanut butter cup surrounded by chopped Snickers candy bars. This massive treat gives you a taste of candy in every bite.

The Original (also called the Butter Rum Triple Chunker)
The Original at The Maui Cookie Lady is not a standard chocolate chip cookie. Instead, this dessert takes the concept of a chocolate chip cookie to another level. The puffy cookie includes three types of chocolate chips – white, milk, and dark. Butter rum flavor enhances the richness of these cookies, which rank as the best-selling cookie from The Maui Cookie Lady.

Grown Up Samoa
Sometimes called “The Beer Cookie,” the Grown Up Samoa infuses the cookies with the taste of Coconut Hiwa Porter craft beer made by the Maui Brewing Co. Like the Girl Scout cookie that inspired it, these desserts include caramel and coconut. You will also taste dark chocolate and pina colada puree in these cookies. The mixing of tropical coconut and pineapple flavors with dark chocolate, porter, and caramel make these a treat reminiscent of the childhood favorite but upgraded for adult palates.

If you love cookies, you must make a trip to the retail store for The Maui Cookie Lady in Makawao. You’ll find a wide selection of creative cookies and other locally made treats to satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth.

Insider Tip:
Instead of buying extra cookies to take home on the plane with you, purchase them at the retail shop and have them shipped home. You’ll avoid damaging the cookies by packing them in your luggage and get to enjoy having fresh cookies when you get back home.