808 Grindz Cafe

808 Grindz Cafe - Affordable Breakfast Joint in West Maui
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Tucked away in a Lahaina strip mall, the 808 Grindz Cafe offers fantastic breakfast and lunch entrees that are a perfect start to one's day. This is the place you want to go when you want something affordable, delicious, and served up Hawaiian-style. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; a necessary morning fuel that will get you going and keep you going all through the day. If you’re one who puts stock in this, then picking the right breakfast meal is key to enjoying a quality day. The 808 Grindz Cafe in Maui might very well be exactly what you are looking for.

808 Grindz Cafe is a breakfast and brunch spot that’s located in the town of Lahaina in West Maui. From the outside, this cozy cafe doesn’t look like much. It’s nestled between other businesses and restaurants within the Foodland Shopping Center, but don’t let its lack of a standalone location deter you. The 808 Grindz Cafe is quite the local favorite — so much so that it gets busy enough to be frustrating when you’re really hankering on a hot breakfast.

But most will find that wait well worth it. 809 Grindz Cafe is such a beloved spot because it both serves up delicious breakfast fare and it does so at some surprisingly low prices, This is especially true when you consider its location so near some of Maui’s top resorts and touristy areas that they could likely command higher prices if they wanted to. 

The best example of this breakfast cafe’s commitment to affordable, high-quality food is what they call their Da Kama’aina (local) Menu but what we call the 808 menu as everything on the list is $8.08. That amount is a nice reference back to the very name of the place (808 is the first area code assigned to Hawaii in 1957). 

Popular dishes on the 808 menu include:

808 Grindz Breakfast
This entree comes served with two eggs prepared to your style with a choice of span, Portuguese sausage, or Vienna and a side of toast or other starch.

Rainbow French Toast
A must-try for those with a sweet tooth, the Rainbow French Toast comes with two pieces of Rainbow Sweetbread that have been dipped in their special mix and served up with a side of eggs cooked to your preferred style. 

The 808 menu might be ours and the locals’ favorite to choose from for its balance of cheap and delicious, but it isn’t the only menu to choose from. The 808 Grindz Cafe has a whole host of options that are organized in various categories that include a lunch menu, loco moco menu with eight different ways to order up the Hawaiian comfort food, a more high-end menu with options like Salmon Florentine and Crab Latkes, full pancake and waffles menu with an array of choices for fixings, and a long side order menu. 

Note, as of this writing, 808 Grindz Cafe is a cash-only business. So leave the credit cards at the hotel and stock up on those dollar bills. And remember, this place is big with the locals, and all of those Hawaii vacationers that have caught on to the trend. This means you will face crowds during, well, just about any time they’re open. Get there early to put your name down and meander the shopping center if you’re planning on dining in. If you are ordering for pick-up, plan on an hour wait for it to be ready. Unfortunately, their phone situation is not the best and so don’t be surprised if it takes several goes to get someone on the line. 

Insider Tips:
-As you meander while you wait, consider popping into the Nagasako General Store across the street. This place offers a nice mix of standard shopping fare and has some delicious (and similarly affordable) Hawaiian-style lunches.
-808 Grindz Cafe also has a bit of an unfortunate record for taking days off or closing early without notice. Making the Nagasako General Store your backup, plan B food plans is a good idea to nix that potential frustration.