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A’A Roots Health Café – Where to Nosh on Delightfully Flavorful Vegan Cuisine in Lahaina
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

A’A Roots Health Café proudly serves flavorful, health-conscious vegan cuisine you can truly feel good about eating. At this Lahaina eatery, their locally sourced ingredients shine through in all their smoothies, buddha bowls, and more. Plus, they have equally healthy and eco-conscious grab and go fare readily available for when you’re in a hurry.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When nothing else will do but vegan goodness in every bite, get on over to A’A Roots Health Cafe. At this popular Lahaina restaurant, they go all out to make every last menu item health-conscious yet wholly delicious. They plate up every dish with flair, too, and always add tropical flowers as garnish.

On top of that, they show their commitment to the health of the Earth by taking an eco-conscious approach. They only use the freshest local produce around, often changing things up with the seasons. Plus, they strive to skip the single-use plastic whenever possible. So, you can always feel good about what you order, knowing it’ll benefit both you and the world at large.  

To come see what they’re all about, you’ll likely need to hop in line well before getting through the front door. Their loyal patrons line up for a chance to enjoy all their favorite vegan food and drinks bright and early in the morning. The rush continues until they close their doors in the late afternoon, too, keeping them busy all day long.

As soon as you make it inside, the homey atmosphere will win you over at first glance. Plush benches line the walls, while bistro seating fills out the rest of the space. Beautiful photos, live plants, and other attractive décor dress up the place even more. They also have an area filled with branded t-shirts, hats, and other swag if you’d like to grab a little gear for the road.

Next to their swag, they have a grab-and-go cold case with tasty beverages and pre-packaged snacks.  If you’d like any of those items, be sure to bring them up to the register when you order the rest of your meal. They’re wonderful to have on hand through all your island adventures, so load up if you get a chance.

Top choices on the menu:

Pep In-Yo Step
As far as organic cold-pressed juices go, the Pep In-Yo Step easily goes beyond your wildest expectations. This drink features a delightful mix of pineapple and cucumber to start. Then, they elevate its flavors even more with jalapeno, mint, and cilantro.

Napi Bowl
For a simple yet surprisingly exquisite flavor experience, go with the Napi Bowl. This wonderful treat starts with acai on the bottom, and then gets sliced bananas and strawberries all over the top. Although that’s plenty enough all on its own, you can take it to the next level with almond butter, hemp seeds, agave, and other toppings for an extra charge.

Tofu Scramble Toast
The Tofu Scramble Toast promises to kickstart your day with its bright, bold flavors in every bite. This dish begins with the creation of their tofu scramble featuring red bell peppers and microgreens. While that happens, they toast two slices of sourdough bread until golden brown. Then, they pile the tofu scramble onto the toast to create a truly memorable meal.

For a one-two punch of natural anti-inflammatories and digestive support, treat yourself to a Turmeric & Black Pepper Shot. Made fresh on the daily, this little burst of flavor will leave your tastebuds tingling while giving your body a health boost. Not only that, but the combo proves wholly invigorating, readying you for whatever comes your way.

Insider Tips:
-If you have staunch meat-eaters in your group, that’s not a problem. There’s a barbecue joint next door plus a taco spot across the way.
-Since they’re committed to using the most sustainable fresh ingredients, their menu items change often. So, be sure to check in whenever you can to see if they have anything new.
-For an open-air dining experience, you can eat outside instead, but it does lack the homey ambiance found inside.
-They keep a regular rotation of desserts on hand for whenever you want to end your meal with a sweet treat. So, ask at the front counter when you order to avoid missing out.