Pizza Madness Maui

Pizza Madness – Indulge in Pure Pizza Heaven While Chilling in Paradise
The Bottom Line:

Are you looking for truly exceptional pizza made using fresh island ingredients? If so, then look no further than Pizza Madness. Dedicated to satisfying all your cravings, this Kihei eatery never compromises on quality when it comes to its pizza, service, and atmosphere.

- The Local Expert Team

At Pizza Madness, they never compromise on the quality of their ingredients or their dedication to the craft, resulting in truly phenomenal culinary creations. They go all out in ensuring their pizza is always the best of the best, and then serve it with aloha right in the heart of paradise. On top of that, the casual dining atmosphere never fails to make you feel right at home in an instant.

So, whenever you come to this chill Kihei eatery, you can count on getting a memorable meal from start to finish. You can order delivery instead, of course, and they’ll zip it right on over to your hotel room. But then, you’d miss out on the full dining experience, which is well worth enjoying at least once on your adventures in paradise.

Upon treating yourself to that journey, plan to take a moment to admire the marine life sculptures all around as you walk through the doors. A sea turtle, shark, octopus, and more all let you know what’s coming your way as they grub on pizza to remember. As you take in the sights, warm alohas will quickly float through the air along with an invitation to choose your perfect table.

After that, their huge menu full of enticing deliciousness will likely hold your attention for a while. Although you’ll find they go well beyond pizza alone in their offerings, their pizza pie is a must-try. They handmake all their dough and sauce from scratch each day well before opening their doors. Then, they only use the high-quality cheeses, produce, and pineapple, of course, to take their pies to the next level.

Their efforts produce fantastically flavorful pizzas with stringy cheese and just the right amount of bite from the crust. If that’s not your jam, then don’t fret. You won’t regret going with their salads, sandwiches, or spaghetti instead. Plus, you can get beer and wine with whatever you order – or go with a big pitcher of ice-cold soda instead.

Come by to try the:

Antipasto Salad
If you want to start your meal with bright, fresh flavors, you cannot go wrong with the Antipasto Salad. Available in half and full orders, this salad features a bed of leafy greens covered in ham, salami, and turkey. Over that, they add mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and olives plus the dressing of your choice.

Their Pizza brings in people from far and wide, so don’t miss the chance to grub on this popular item. They’re happy to turn their handmade pizza dough into 10-, 14, or 16-inch rounds or create mini pies if you prefer. They, then add their scratch-made sauce, tons of cheese, plus whatever toppings you want. You’re welcome to go with their Veggie, Meat Lovers, or Special combos – or simply build your own.

Spaghetti Meal
When nothing else will do but decadent comfort food, set your sights on the Spaghetti Meal. When you order this timeless favorite, you’ll get perfectly al dente noodles covered in a thick garlic-y spaghetti sauce. You can order meatballs for an extra charge if you’d like meaty goodness in every bite. Either way, a side salad and garlic bread will complete your meal.

If you want to finish off your meal with a sweet kick, treat yourself to their Cinn Stix. To create this decadent dessert, they take their handmade dough and smother it in butter, cinnamon, and sugar. Then, it goes into the pizza oven to bake to a perfectly golden brown. Once it’s done, they slice it up and drizzle local honey over the top to complete its amazing flavors.

Insider Tips:
-They’re always happy to provide an extra container of dressing for an extra charge. So, if you want to elevate their rich pizza flavors even more, don’t hesitate to ask for a side of ranch for dipping.
-Grab a coupon book at the airport when you arrive for discounts to many major attractions and restaurants, including this sweet pizza shop.
-With so much fun happening inside, this restaurant gets loud, so be prepared for a raucous good time.