Da Fish Shack

Da Fish Shack - A Quick Bite Of Hawaii
The Bottom Line:

Da Fish Shack is a local Hana food truck offering poke bowls, fish tacos, and dozens of other Hawaiian seafood staples. Locals and tourists alike love stopping by its convenient location for lunches and dinners, only mere feet from the island's coastline. Fill your belly with hot snacks, creamy lattes, or a cold brew to cap off a perfect day in the sun!

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you think of Hana, you probably imagine plates of salmon, shrimp, and tropical flavors. Although there’s a wide range of seafood to pick from on the long Hana Highway, none are quite as delicious as Da Fish Shack!

This humble food truck was opened several years ago by a professional chef, working toward creating authentic Hawaiian flavors in a laid-back, casual environment. The company is happy to support local Hana fishermen that make catches right off the island and serves some of the freshest possible fish in the area. And they don’t stop there: Da Fish Shack also sources its fruits and vegetables from nearby farmers, serving up some locally grown produce with big-city flavors.

Da Fish Shack is located a little ways from the beaten path, making it one of the best destinations on the island to avoid dinnertime crowds. Lines are known to move relatively quickly, and the shaded eating areas allow visitors to kick back and relax even on the hottest afternoons. It’s also the perfect destination for beach-dwellers and swimmers trying to dry off before the day ends.

With so many flavors and foods to choose from, you can never go wrong picking something from Da Fish Shack’s menu.

Here’s why visitors come back to Da Fish Shack again and again:

Island Style Plate Lunches
Sometimes called bento boxes, plate lunches offer a grab-and-go alternative to Da Fish Shack’s casual eatery. The crispy flavors of chicken katsu are a popular item, as well as the spicy lemon shrimp garlic plate. Remember: some of these menu items change daily. It’s a good idea to be prepared for anything — and pick whatever your palate desires!

Fish Burgers
For the uninitiated, fish burgers are a popular Hawaiian dish that seem similar to American fare — but only in name! Da Fish Shack proudly serves up an incredible Hawaiian twist on a traditional meal, sporting flavor combos such as Cajun salmon, Ahi, and ginger-garlic. 

Fish And Chips
No visit to Da Fish Shack would be complete without at least sampling their famous fish and chips! Served with authentic malt vinegar, the unique flavor combinations are a treat for any aficionado. From the breaded fish to the beer-battered fries, this dish is as Hawaiian as it gets!

While you might be tempted to think of lemonade as an uninspired beverage, this fruity drink has been totally re-imagined by the folks at Da Fish Shack! Mango lemonade offers a refreshingly fruity aftertaste, while the guava lemonade concocts a flavor only found along the Hana coast. Although much rarer, their passion fruit blend is perhaps the most popular set in the lineup.

For some incredible bites with incredible views, Da Fish Shack is the perfect destination for snacking of all kinds!

Insider Tips:
-If your cooler is running out of ice, Da Fish Shack has you covered! An ice machine is available to anyone needing a refill, helping to keep your vittles fresh during the long drive down Hana Highway.
-One of the reasons Hana locals love Da Fish Shack is its wide range of availability. This food truck is open when most major restaurants are closed, making it the perfect midday pit stop for families of all kinds.
-Although it isn’t listed on their menu, Da Fish Shack also serves up some house-made brownies and cookies for all to enjoy. Just ask your server for the daily options, and pick your favorite!