Ae’s Thai Kitchen(food truck)

Ae's Thai Kitchen – Enjoy Homestyle Cooking While Traveling the Road to Hana
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

While traveling the Road to Hana, you cannot go wrong with a quick stop by Ae’s Thai Kitchen. Despite the name, Thai food is not all that’s on the menu. You can find a little bit of everything at this Maui food truck, making it easy to satisfy all your cravings in no time flat.

- The Local Expert Team

A true staple on the Road to Hana, Ae’s Thai Kitchen serves up homestyle dishes made with a whole lot of love. Although Thai food is a central theme, they have a little something for everyone, including fish and chips, burgers, and BLTs. Their Old Fashion Milkshakes and Floats let you take your meal to the next level, although you’ll want to save room for their super tasty Banana Lumpia.

To get a load of all they’re serving up, you’ll need to waltz past a whole lot of food truck goodness first. They’re set in a small alcove near the Kaihalulu Bay, featuring at least one other eatery in the same lot at all times. But it’s well worth trying to work past all the amazing offerings to their bright white truck at the end of the line.

Upon making it to the counter, you’re sure to get plenty of aloha thrown your way, cementing your decision to stick with their truck. But it’s their delicious homecooked fare that will truly reward you for your diligence. Always made using quality ingredients and time-honored recipes, every last dish is better than the last. So, you cannot go wrong whether you get classic Thai fare or go with a burger instead.

Their portions are reasonable, giving you just enough to satisfy your hunger without weighing you down. You can either get your dish prepared to eat right then and there or go with a takeout container. They line their containers with foil to help keep the heat in, so your meal will stay piping hot until you hit your dining spot of choice.

Before deciding which way to go, take a look around to see if any picnic tables are available. If not, you’re likely better off taking your meal over to Hana Beach Park. At that park, you can sit at the picnic tables or just plop down right on the black sands to nosh on your selections while enjoying the views.

You absolutely need to try their:

Mama Ae’s Burger
When you’re craving beefy, bacon-y, cheesy deliciousness in every last bite, treat yourself to the Mama Ae’s Burger. They build this tasty burger by grilling up the patty to perfection, and then putting it on a robust bun. After that, they pile on the cheese, crispy bacon, caramelized onions, lettuce, and tomato. Then, to finish it off right, they add their housemade sauce over it all.

Chicken Pad Thai
The Chicken Pad Thai lets you savor traditional Thai flavors built using their proven recipe passed down through the generations. They create this dish by sauteing thinly sliced chicken with veggies. Then, they add the rice noodles, bean sprouts, and scrambled egg before pouring their signature sauce over the top.

Fish Tacos
When you’re in the mood for fresh seafood flavors, ordering up the Fish Tacos is definitely the way to go. This dish always starts with local caught fish grilled until light and flaky. Then, they put that fish in a tortilla and add lettuce and tomatoes. The chipotle sauce and salsa gets drizzled on last to bring all the bright, bold flavors together beautifully.

The Banana Lumpia is always a must whenever you get a chance to swing by. They are always hand-rolled and fried to perfection right when you order them. With each bite, you get a fantastic crunch that gives way to the silky-smooth tropical filling. They’re best enjoyed hot, so order them right after your meal and devour every last one on the spot.  

Insider Tips:
-Their spice levels are no joke, so go easy if you’re not sure what you can handle. Like it extra spicy? Ask for your meal Thai hot to get a true kick in every bite.
-Parking can prove difficult during the lunch and dinner rush. So, time your visit just right to avoid having to look elsewhere for a spot.