Drift Coffee

Drift Coffee – Reimagining the Coffee Experience in the Heart of Lahaina
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

If you want to enjoy a memorable coffee experience, get on over to the all-new Lahaina gathering spot, Drift Coffee. Their reimagined take on brewing, serving, and enjoying bold coffee beverages will undoubtedly win you over on the first visit. Their chill aesthetic is second-to-none, too, making it a great spot to relax while sipping on tasty beverages.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Want to see what it’s like when your favorite cup of joe gets reimagined? If so, you need to put Drift Coffee on your radar, for sure. An instant Lahaina favorite, this shop uses single-origin coffee beans as the base of all their creations. Their beans come from all over the Hawaiian Islands and beyond, and then get roasted by their partner, Social Hour.

After that, the roasted beans land in their hands, ready for the baristas to make magic happen with every order. Their team always goes all out in elevating the natural robust flavors in every coffee variety using proven preparation techniques. From classic espresso magnificence to futuristic v60 pour overs, their team can do it all. Every last one of their drinks come out pure perfection, pairing beautifully with their pastries, artisan toasts, and more.

For a taste of what they’re serving up, you just have to come up to the front counter and put in your order. Then, settle in on the comfy bench near the front door to await all the magic to happen. You’re welcome to take your items to go after that if you wish, which is tempting with the beautiful Banyan Tree just down the street. But for the ultimate coffee sipping experience, you’ll want to stick around to enjoy your drinks in-house.

Although their menu items are the star of the show, just as much care went into designing a comfortable outdoor dining area full of good vibes. The bistro-style tables let you enjoy the open air as you enjoy your selections. Friendly chatter all around fills out the space, allowing you to make fast friends at each visit.

Their tastiest creations include:

Barista’s Choice
When you’re simply not sure what to get, just leave it up to the Barista’s Choice. Upon ordering this drink, you never know what you’re going to get. It could be a Cortado, Cappuccino, or even a chocolate-y Mocha to remember.

Spiced Chai
If you love a spicy kick in every sip, then the Spiced Chai is the way to go. This drink will leave your tastebuds dancing in tune with all the cardamom, cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, and more. If that’s all a bit much, ask for their house-made vanilla whipping cream on top to temper the flavors a bit.

Ricotta Mango Toast
When you’re craving a fruit and cheese plate, treat yourself to the delightful Ricotta Mango Toast. This tasty creation begins with the creation of their whipped ricotta spread, featuring micro-greens, basil, and tasting salt. After that, they toast up their bread just right, add butter, and spread on the ricotta mix. House-made mango jam goes over the top to elevate all the flavors even more. 

Banana Bread Cake
Whenever you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, look to the Banana Bread Cake as the answer to your problems. Their tasty cake gets made in-house daily using fresh bananas and many other high-quality ingredients. Then, right when you put in your order, they slice off a generous piece and put it in the toaster oven. Cream cheese frosting goes over it next followed by cinnamon sugar and toasted coconut chips. 

Their pour over menu changes weekly. So, you never truly know what you’ll see when you arrive. Check the handwritten menu board on the counter before ordering to avoid missing out. Depending on when you come by, you might find Kona Rainforest, Maui Sunrise, or Bali Indonesia beans at the ready. As you try their pour-over creations, take the time to appreciate the soft chocolate, fruit, and wine undertones in each variety.

Insider Tips:
-Want to skip the dairy? Ask about their plant-based milk alternatives.
-Parking in their lot is free for the first hour only.
-Get their donuts to go just in case you’re feeling a snack later. They transport well and provide a kick of sugary goodness whenever you need a burst of energy.