Kilo’s Kitchen

Kilo's Kitchen - Generous Food Truck Portions Located Near Hana Bay Beach Park
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Kilo's Kitchen is a relatively new food truck operation located just on the outskirts of Hilo. New but not unknown, this dining locale has quickly made a name for itself thanks to its excellent dishes sold at reasonable prices. Pick up food to go and enjoy it at the nearby Hana Bay Peach Park. 

- The Local Expert Team

Across the Hawaiian islands, you will find a lot of self-made individuals plying their talent and trade to create their own living. Many of the state’s laws are supportive of this and as such, no matter where you go, you are apt to see vendors selling crafts, art, and, of course, food. One such fantastic dining spot that has grown significantly in just the last year is Kilo’s Kitchen.

Kilo’s Kitchen is a small food truck operation located on the very outskirts of Hana. You will find it just south of where part of Hana Highway splits off and forms Ukeaa Road which leads down to Waikaloa Bay. The food truck is parked up on a clear spot of private land on the east side of Ukeaa Road. Back in 2019, it was just a clear plot of land, but this food truck’s set-up has grown significantly since then. First adding the truck itself and a small parking area, and now you will find a bevy of shaded sitting areas and plenty of parking.

Kilo’s Kitchen is best known for serving up generous portions of savory meat-based dishes. This is the place you go to when you want quality pork, beef, and fish entrees, such as after a long day of swimming or otherwise exploring the Hana coast. 

Popular menu items at Kilo’s Kitchen include:

Panko Mahi Mahi Sandwich
The large sandwich features panko-crusted mahi-mahi fillets served atop a brioche bun.  It’s a fantastic balance that equates to crunching down on a crispy crust and into a buttery and flaky fillet of fish. Toppings for this sandwich include lettuce, tomato, sweet onion, and a very popular house-made tartar sauce. The Panko Mahi Mahi Sandwich, and all other sandwiches on the menu, comes served with a side of crinkle-cut French fries. 

Ahi Poke Bowl
The Ahi Poke Bowl features raw ahi tuna tossed in your choice of shoyu or spicy sauce. You can also go half-and-half to try out both! The dish also comes served with two generous scoops of furiukake rice.

Hamburger Steak
The Hamburger Steak dish is served as what Kilo’s Kitchen calls its Plate Lunches, which means it comes with scoops of rice and freshly made macaroni salad. The hamburger patties here are made with beef from the Maui Cattle Co., so you get to enjoy 100% island-produced and made hamburger patties cooked to your desired temperature. The thick steak patty comes smothered in a house-made brown gravy that brings it all together. 

All menu items are delivered in to-go packaging, and it’s your choice whether to enjoy your Kilo’s Kitchen entree at a more scenic location or, if you can’t wait, devour it right on-site. As we noted at the top, this place didn’t always have quality outdoor seating, but it does now. You will find plenty of picnic tables with umbrellas to keep you cool as you enjoy your food. 

Note that while there is a Caesar salad menu item, that is about it for the non-fish-eating vegetarians. So if you have members of your party that doesn’t eat meat or fish, we suggest continuing on to another Hana dining spot. 

Insider Tips:
-There is nothing wrong with opting to feast at the Kilo’s Kitchen outdoor picnic area. But you are in Hana after all and if you are stopping here after taking the road to Hana, why not go all the way? For a more scenic backdrop and beautiful outdoor dining location, continue down Uakea Road for less than a mile and turn left into Hana Bay Beach Park. 
-Another good reason to take your food to go is that there are no dedicated bathrooms here. This is simply a food truck that has done very, very well for itself for delivering excellent food at a great price. Do not come here with an expectation of a more established restaurant facility.