Zippy’s Kahului

Zippy's – Dine In and Fast Food Deliciousness Served in the Heart of Kahului
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Zippy’s, they invite you to dine your way. You can either get on the waitlist to dine in their Kahului restaurant or order your meal for pick up at the window. Either way, get ready for pure Hawaiian fusion goodness in every bite.

- The Local Expert Team

A true Hawaiian staple, Zippy’s proudly serves up Hawaiian fusion comfort food with a smile. Their Kahului location is one of the latest to join their long line of eateries across the island. Their local chain got its start in Honolulu way back in the 1960s before popping up all over as they quickly grew ever more popular. Their next stop? Vegas! And then, who knows what’s in the cards?

For now, you’ll have to get a taste of their creations by popping over to the Hawaiian Islands. To visit their Kahului eatery, you’ll need to decide whether you want to dine in or take your food to go. If you’re going to dine in, just hop onto their website and sign up for the public waitlist. They keep an open tally of everyone who signs up, so you know just how many are ahead of you. When your table is ready, you’ll get a text, so keep your phone handy and wait for the signal.

If you’d like to skip the wait, just order online, by phone, or at the front counter of the restaurant. Calling is best because they make all their dishes to order, so it can take a while for your food to come out of the window. Once it’s ready, you’ll need to go to the right side of the building to grab your takeout orders. The other side is dine-in only, of course.

No matter how you decide to partake, expect hearty, delicious comfort food to land in front of you each and every time. Their Hawaiian fusion approach puts a global spin on all the local favorites. Loco Moco made with chili? You bet! Saimin served alongside Korean Fried Chicken? They do that, too. Their chef goes all out in creating whatever will satisfy all your cravings in an instant. Traditional breakfast fare, ultra-fresh sushi, you name it and they’ve got it.

Their most popular items include:

Korean Fried Chicken Breakfast
Starting bright and early at 6 am each day, the Korean Fried Chicken Breakfast starts flying out the kitchen and into the hands of eager patrons. To create this popular dish, they bread and fry the chicken before sprinkling chopped green onions over top. Then, they put the breakfast meat of your choice alongside plus two eggs done how you like them.

Zip Pac Deluxe
When you simply cannot choose between all the fabulous options, just treat yourself to the Zip Pac Deluxe. This fan-favorite features breaded Hoki fish, Spam, fried chicken, and teri beef over a bed of rice. Mac salad and chili join the party as well before the takuan and furikake land on top.

Vegi-Tofu Patty
Are you looking to skip the meat while going big on flavor? If so, then the Vegi-Tofu Patty is the way to go. To kick off this dish, they make their decadent tofu patty with diced carrots, mushrooms, onions, and green onions. After that, they grill up the patty until it’s piping hot and put it on a bun with mayo plus pickles if you’re dining in. Want to take your meal to the next level? Ask them to add mac salad, fries, or tossed greens to the side for an extra charge.

Are you throwing a party anytime soon? If so, you need their Pupu Platters, Barrels, and Buckets in your life. With that, you can wow all your guests with all their most popular menu items, including fried chicken, chili, and Spam musubi. Don’t forget to grab some of their baked goods or desserts to put a sweet spin on your gathering. Apple Pie, Chantilly Cake, and donuts galore all await your order. 

Insider Tips:
-Patrons age 65 and older can sign up for the Senior Club Card to get 10% off at every visit. The annual cost is $20 a year, but the card pays for itself if you visit often.
-Certain menu items are only served inside the restaurant. So, check the menu carefully while ordering.