Maui Thai Bistro

Maui Thai Bistro - A Delicious Mix of Old and New
The Bottom Line:

Maui Thai Bistro is a casual bistro serving traditional Thai foods with a modern twist. Bordering the west coast of Maui and located just minutes away from other exciting attractions, this restaurant is a great place to spot before hitting the beach or exploring a natural park. Indulge in some pumpkin curry and shrimp rolls, enjoy the flavors of a lychee martini, or simply bask in the bustling atmosphere of one of Kihei's greatest fan favorites!

- The Local Expert Team

Considered to be Maui’s number one Thai restaurant, the Mai Thai Bistro is a one-of-a-kind diner with a reputation that speaks for itself. Thousands of visitors and hundreds of five-star reviews prove that this establishment is one of the best, backed by a host of competitive awards. From mixed drinks and sake to delectable single-dish lunches, Chef Prakong makes it his mission to combine traditional meals with the contemporary flair of Hawaiian cuisine.

Maui Thai Bistro got its start nearly 20 years ago, slowly developing into what it is today. The business removed the word ‘restaurant’ from its name to showcase its commitment to quality food without a snobbish, unrealistic air. The head chef is passionate about combining the flavors of home with the palate of modern diners, creating good food for good people. 

The Bistro’s commitment to the people of Maui goes far beyond atmosphere. Restaurant owners demand their staff cook with only local seasonal ingredients. Choosing products that are organically farmed and cultivated, Maui Thai desires to bring the safest possible meals to their patrons and regulars. Vegan, vegetarian, and alternative meals are also provided to guests with special dietary needs.

Visitors can find the Maui Thai Bistro along South Kihei Road facing the west coast. The Bistro is just minutes from Keawakapu and Ulua Beach, and just a few miles away from Maalaea Beach and Bay. Visitors enjoy dropping by the Bistro for a relaxed, non-kitschy luncheon before continuing on with their day. Others prefer to enjoy their haute meals later in the evening, taking the time to appreciate each multi-layered flavor and combination. Without a doubt, there are dozens of ways to enjoy a meal at Maui’s most popular Thai restaurant.

Many Hawaiian locals choose to visit the Maui Thai Bistro for flavors you just can’t find anywhere else.

Macadamia Nut Panang Curry
Visitors are always impressed by the delicate flavors and nutty crunch found in this fan favorite. Soaked in a sweet creamy sauce, it’s the perfect way to close out a busy day.

Hawaiian Fried Rice 
No trip to the islands would be complete without a plate of sweet and spicy rice! This meal comes smothered in onions and cashews and sprinkled with juicy shrimps and sautéed squash.

Thai Iced Tea
This traditional Taiwanese drink is one of the most popular menu items at Maui Thai Bistro. Visitors have the option to have their drinks straight or spiked, depending on their dining preference.

Tam Yum Fried Seafood
For a taste of the islands at their finest, visitors can try this mouth-watering bowl of steaming soup. Spicy, savory, and just a little sour, it’s one of the most sought-after meals at the Bistro.

Drunken Stir Fry 
Sometimes referred to as Pad Kee Mao, the smoked umami flavors of a drunken dish are perfectly suited for any visitor. Choose your spice level of choice, and dig in!

From traditional Thai flavors to unique drinks and teas, the Maui Thai Bistro has a little something for everyone.

Insider Tips:
-‘Spicy’ flavors at Maui Thai Bistro may be hotter than what most are used to! It’s advised to order your food in the range of ‘mild’ at most unless you’re an experienced spicy food veteran (or not afraid to be adventurous!).
-Maui Thai Bistro is known for its big dinner portions. If you’re looking for a lighter meal, choose one dish and split it between two people. The panang curry is one of the most popular dishes for this purpose.
-Thanks to its out-of-this-world flavor combos, Maui Thai Bistro tends to fill up fast. Make a reservation in advance to speed up your seating and enjoy a stress-free meal.